Hockey dreams come true with ticket donations


Fill a Seat, Fulfil a Dream with United Way's Dream Seats!The return of the Winnipeg Jets has created a sense of unity among Winnipeggers of all ages, says Amanda Shindak of the Youth Agencies Alliance. “But going to a game and feeling that sense of community spirit and pride, and having a chance to be there with a positive role model, is something that most of our youth will never be able to experience in their lifetime.”

So when they were told they were getting Winnipeg Jets tickets donated through United Way’s Dream Seats program, they wanted to make sure they used them well. “We wanted to make sure that they went to a very deserving individual that has not had the opportunity to attend a Jets game,” says Shindak.

Youth Agencies Alliance created a contest for all of their 19 partner agencies, where one youth would get to go to the Winnipeg Jets game against the New York Rangers on March 14th. Youth were asked to submit 200 words indicating why they thought they should go to the game, and YAA staff reviewed the submissions to make the tough decision.

“The particular youth we selected has been faced with a number of adversities in his life,” says Shindak. “The Winnipeg Jets hold a special place in his heart, and he’s never had the opportunity to go to a game. He shared with us that when he was a child his dad would share stories about the Jets, and he grew to love the game of hockey.  He has always wanted to join a team, but due to financial barriers has been unable to play. He wrote to us that “Going to a jets game would make my dreams come true and soon when I see my dad I would tell him about this story and he would be proud of me”.  We wanted to provide a positive life long memory for him.”

The goal of the Youth Agencies Alliance is to provide youth with entertainment opportunities that they would normally not have access to, in turn creating positive social experiences. Experiences that were once considered unattainable, suddenly offer positive social interaction with a positive role model from their agency.

Thanks to the generous Dream Seats donor who made this possible! We can’t wait to hear how the game goes.