Vision, Mission & Values


United Way of Winnipeg believes that with determination and collective effort, a better Winnipeg is possible. A Winnipeg enriched by diversity in its broadest sense, where people of all ages, ethnicities, income, health, and education are respected and have opportunities to achieve their potential. A city with vibrant, healthy neighbourhoods and immeasurably rich communities of interest:

“A thriving community where everyone can realize their potential.”


United Way of Winnipeg is a mission-driven organization. In support of its vision, Board members, volunteers, and staff are all motivated by a shared goal:

“To improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action.”


Board members, volunteers, and staff are guided in their work by a strong commitment to the community, a commitment grounded in social consciousness. By reflecting values deemed important to the community it serves, United Way of Winnipeg is positioned to add relevance to the work of other service providers. The following values characterize United Way’s work:

Conviction… through visionary leadership, passion, and a commitment to excellence

Compassion… through empathy, understanding, and caring

Courage… through inquisitive exploration, innovation, and risk-taking

Connectedness… through relationships, community engagement, inclusion, and empowerment

Credibility… through effective stewardship, fiscal prudence, self-assessment, and transparency