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Can you ‘Make The Month’?

One in 10 Winnipeggers live in poverty. For children, the number rises to a shocking one in 4. Life in poverty is a daily battle with hunger, stress, isolation and constant worry. The choices in front of people with a tight budget … Continue reading

“When families live in difficult circumstances, there are things our community can do to help.”

Family resource centres across the city help people find their footing when they need help, whether it’s securing work, safety, food or dignity. It’s everyday magic. Donations to United Way help support 23 of these community places. If you’ve ever wondered what difference … Continue reading

Youth Agencies Alliance uses art to get 140 young Winnipeggers thinking about their futures.

The question youth hear from adults all the time is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Why don’t we ever ask, “Who do you want to be?” This year’s Youth Agencies Alliance Annual Art Show, called … Continue reading

Where Dawn finds her community.

The everyday magic of family resource centres across Winnipeg lies in the friendships they create, the neighbourhoods they grow, the first steps they offer to a building a better life. Dawn, who finds her community at the Andrews Street Family Centre, … Continue reading

SEEDing success: ‘Economic and emotional trauma’ overcome with a little help.

Mary has seen how poverty’s shadow can be lifted. In 2010, her 25-year marriage ended, leaving her a single mother of six. She had just started college when she began experiencing debilitating pain in her jaw. Her doctor told her … Continue reading

What words can finally express—a personal story of triumph over illiteracy.

Angela K. wrote her story for us to share with you—and being able to do that is a big triumph for her. You have no idea how hard it is for me to write this story. Not because it makes me … Continue reading