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Peg shows impact of poverty in Winnipeg

A new Peg report shows poverty triples the chances of dying in Winnipeg before 75, while the life-expectancy gap between highest and lowest incomes is almost 20 years. The report – Our City: A Peg Report on Health Equity – is … Continue reading

Peg releases annual well-being report; Winnipeg improving in many key areas.

Today Peg released its first annual Winnipeg well-being report, Our City: A Peg report on Winnipeg’s well-being (PDF). It outlines how we’re doing on 16 key indicators, and the good news is Winnipeg is improving on the majority. Winnipeggers have been … Continue reading

The Art of Reciprocity

Two years of research, partnership and hard work culminate in a custom approach to fundraising rooted in Indigenous values and practices–the first of its kind in Canada. Continue reading

Let’s talk: mood and anxiety disorders in Winnipeg

One in four Winnipeggers has a diagnosed mood or anxiety disorder, a new Peg report reveals. The news comes a day before Olympian Clara Hughes is back in Winnipeg to raise awareness around mental health issues as part of Bell’s … Continue reading

Introducing Peg, a way to measure change in Winnipeg.

United Way of Winnipeg and partner International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) are excited to launch Peg, an interactive website that helps us visualize and compare the data we have on how we’re doing as a city. Peg is a “community … Continue reading

Peg Basic Needs Survey: What’s a “community indicator”, anyway?

Many Winnipeggers wonder if our city is getting stronger, if all our efforts towards change are making a difference. Looking at the places where we experience progress helps us look forward to where we’re going and make course corrections if … Continue reading