What You Make Possible

In a single year, your investment in our community through United Way has a positive impact in the lives of tens of thousands of people in Winnipeg. 

Below are just some of the wonderful things made possible in our community:

Provided an estimated 94,700 children and youth with a safe place to go outside of school hours; the confidence and support to make positive choices; the opportunity to graduate and become leaders and role models; and the encouragement to achieve their full potential.

Helped an estimated 3500 people in our city begin the transition from poverty to possibility by enhancing their ability to budget, manage their money, and save for a brighter future and important assets like tuition, a computer, a bed or a home.

Created the opportunity for an estimated 6900 Winnipeggers without means to file a tax return, connecting them to vital credits that can amount to nearly $8000 in much-needed income for a family of four.


Enabled an estimated 124,800 Winnipeggers living with physical and intellectual disabilities – including friends, family and caregivers – to access support and services that enhance independence, quality of life, and the ability to be actively engaged in our community.


Provided an estimated 32,800 Winnipeggers impacted by violence, abuse and trauma with crisis intervention, counselling and conflict resolution services that work to restore trust, self-esteem, balance and well-being.

Eased the daunting transition to an entirely new life in Winnipeg for an estimated 8800 newcomers and refugees by providing access to settlement services, cultural orientation programs, English language training and peer support.


Helped an estimated 39,900 seniors in our city remain independent, without being isolated, by supporting a network of programs and services that deliver meals, companionship, advocacy and recreation,along with dignity and respect.

Connected an estimated 3900 neighbours living in low-income situations through local resource centres that provide families with forums to address common challenges like crime, violence and personal safety.

Paved the way to permanent employment and greater financial stability for an estimated 3100 Winnipeggers through job readiness training, employment counselling and social purpose enterprises that promote sustained development.