Apply for a Small Grant

Turn your ideas into action – apply for a small grant

In addition to long-term investments in an essential network of more than 100 programs, partnerships and agencies and time-limited investments in new and innovative projects, United Way offers two types of small grants to support volunteer projects organized by informal community and youth groups.

Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Do you have an idea for an event or activity that will connect people in your neighbourhood to improve safety, strengthen relationships or address common challenges? United Way can help make it happen with a Building Blocks grant of up to $1000.

Maybe it’s a safety workshop, a community garden, or a family movie afternoon. The possibilities are endless – as long as your idea contributes to the well-being and vitality of your local community.

How to apply

Call 477-5360 or contact us today and get the ball rolling. You can also download this fact sheet/application for more information.

Organizational Development Grants

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United Way believes that investing in strong organizations and communities is one way in which we can create a better future. However, investment in strong organizations and communities requires more than simply funding programs. In order to provide effective, high quality programs and services, organizations and communities themselves need to have strong core capacities that enable them to grow, develop knowledge and resources, and ultimately achieve their missions. Strong capacities do not just “happen” – rather they are a combination of deliberate efforts in a collection of key areas. Taking into account these facts, United Way is interested in supporting capacity building efforts in non-profit agencies that help them enhance organizational effectiveness.


For United Way, capacity building for organizational effectiveness means supporting organizations to strengthen the following six core capacities:

  • Governance & Leadership: Focusing on improvements to the processes and structures used by the Board. (I.e. development or revision to board by-laws, policies, procedures documents, terms of reference, roles/responsibilities of board, board review/assessment, research and assessment associated with applying for charitable status, accreditation through Imagine Canada).


  • Strategy and Business Planning: Enhancing agency capacity so that it results in stronger decision-making, strategy development and planning processes. (I.e. development of strategic plans; needs assessment/plan development; succession planning, communications and social media plan; environmental scan to gauge changing client need; information and technology planning).


  • Financial Management: Fostering an improved ability in agencies to effectively manage and deploy organizational revenues and assets. (I.e. development of process and procedures to ensure financial accountability and transparency; development of fundraising strategy/plan; development of fundraising policies).


  • Human Resources: Enhancing areas related to the systems, policies and procedures to ensure effective functioning of an agency’s human resources that comply, at minimum, with employment, health and safety and other applicable legislation as well as good practice standards. (I.e. development of HR policies, procedures, development of job descriptions; conflict resolution policy, volunteer management policies/procedures).


  • Research: Research focusing on effectively serving diverse communities, including indigenous, immigrant/refugee, LGTBQ, disability, etc. (I.e. research to better understand how to appropriately serve diverse communities).


  • Strategic Alliances & Partnerships: Fostering strategic alliances and partnerships that significantly advance an organization’s goals and expand its influence. (I.e. fostering collaborations/partnerships in areas such as restructuring, mergers; fostering strategic alliances and partnerships to advance a common agenda).


The maximum grant level will not exceed $5,000 (inclusive of GST) for eligible expenses.  United Way will support a maximum of 75% of the total project budget.


Please note that while United Way of Winnipeg recognizes that training is a key component of organizational capacity building, staff training costs are not eligible.  The focus of the fund is to directly strengthen organizational systems, processes and procedures.


Eligibility criteria:

Non-profit organizations, which are:

  • Working in the health and social service sector
  • Based in Winnipeg
  • Primarily providing programs and services for Winnipeg individuals.


Intake Periods

For the 2016-2017 year, the Organizational Development Grant will be available during two intake periods:

  1. Intake 1: starting April 2016
  2. Intake 2: starting October 2016

For each intake period, we will continue to accept applications and review them on a first come first serve basis until the fund amount for each intake period is used up.  Like last year, there continues to be three streams to the grant: United Way agency partner, Non-funded agencies, and Indigenous-led agencies. Please note that if you are interested in applying to the grant during the first intake period and find that the grant has been depleted for the first intake period, you are welcome to submit an application during the second intake period.  We will not hold applications until an intake period starts.

How to apply

Download this fact sheet/application for more information, or contact Tamara Ingrilli, Community Investment Manager (204-924-4242 or

Youth United Grants

Are you a student or group of young Winnipeggers under age 25 with a great idea that will benefit other youth in our city through your school or in conjunction with a local non-profit organization? United Way youth volunteers may be able to make your youth-initiated and youth-driven project a reality with a grant of up to $1000.

Projects must also help to build and strengthen skills and abilities in the youth who are involved in planning them. Members of the Youth United grant committee will carefully consider all applications from youth who request funding for their volunteer projects and events.

How to apply

For more information, including a list of the most current funding guidelines, please contact the Youth United Manager at 204-924-4265.