Create Your Own Fundraising Event

Start Your Own Fundraising Event

You’ve probably made a donation to support a friend or family member participating in a special event to raise money for an important cause. Or maybe you’ve run, walked, biked or baked for a cause yourself?

Now you can bring your passion for making a difference and the excitement of a special event to your social network or your workplace, and raise money to help change people’s lives through United Way! It’s as easy as 123!

1 Think of an event concept you’d like to organize.

Do you have a unique and inventive concept for a special event that you think is a real winner? Is there a special event you’ve always wanted to try yourself?

United Way’s customizable, online fundraising software can help you take a new or existing concept and make it an incredible fundraiser.

Here are a few examples of fun, easy and effective fundraising events you could organize:

  • Scavenger Hunt/Amazing Race
  • Truck/Car/Bus Pull
  • Bowling Event
  • Video Game Tournament

2 Fill out the United Way Event Application Form (PDF).

To offer you the best support possible we need to know everything there is to know about your event concept.

We’ve made it easy for you and provided a nifty Event Application Form (PDF) that gathers all of the information we need to get you started fundraising and having fun right away!

3 Start fundraising!

Ask your friends and family to join or support your event and make it an incredible success! Our customizable, online fundraising software allows you to personalize and track your donations, share on Facebook and Twitter, and get your whole social network involved.

Fundraising statisticsThere’s even more you can do…

Our customizable, online fundraising software can offer you your very own personal, club or workplace-branded event site, where your friends and coworkers can register to participate and fundraise by reaching out to their friends and family. It will allow you to:

  • Create a custom event site that profiles you or your workplace/club’s community involvement for everyone to see
  • Automatically and securely handle online credit card donations (with an offline fundraising option available)
  • Track which individuals or teams are fundraising leaders, encouraging fun inter-office (or inter-family!) competition
  • Give participants an easy way fundraise by reaching out to their personal networks and the ability to create customized thank-you messages for their supporters

Get started now!

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