Speakers’ Bureau

Are you running a workplace campaign this year?

A Speakers’ Bureau presentation is one of the best ways to show your co-workers how their support for United Way makes a very real and lasting difference.

United Way of Winnipeg’s Speakers’ Bureau is made up of more than 100 volunteers. Some are agency partner staff, others are volunteers and board members, many are individuals who accessed programs and services that changed their lives.

If you’d like a speaker to visit your workplace, ask your Employee Campaign Chair.

The videos on this page are another resource you can use to illustrate the impact of your support.




Workplace Testimonials

“I believe having an effective agency speaker is key to a successful pledge blitz.”

“After hearing his story I was filled with emotion. The speaker had a huge influence on my decision to donate.”

“I have no doubt that just like me, a good number of the employees went back to their desk and made the decision to give more to United Way.”

“There is an emotional connection to the people and issues that United Way provides support to through having a speaker come in. It was the most impactful part of our campaign.”

“We not only had a few colleagues sign up for payroll deduction that never had before, but a few even inquired about volunteering with this organization!”

“The people you meet and stories you hear change you. They inspire, encourage and increase your hope in a better future.”