Have a Vision?

Bringing Your Priorities For The Future Into Focus

Vision Philanthropy is a way for leaders and visionaries to create personalized approaches to social change in our community while at the same time leveraging the relationships, expertise, rigorous processes and proven results of United Way. It’s highly personal philanthropy that matches your needs and interests with opportunities for transformational change in Winnipeg.

It could be a named initiative that begins a new legacy or honors an established one; it could be about discovering new and innovative approaches or supporting and improving existing ones; it can be as hands on, or removed as you want it to be.

The Big Picture

The issues facing our community are complex. Social problems aren’t static. Like our community, they evolve. Needs change. We have to be able to respond to those
needs, to adapt, innovate and change along with them. But we also have to ensure the critical network of programs and services United Way supports remain stable and accessible when people need them most.

Vision Philanthropy is not a replacement for core, sustainable program support, but rather an opportunity for those leaders and visionaries who want to adapt, innovate, scale-up and accelerate social change in Winnipeg.

Be the Change and See the Change

United Way is dedicated to helping you realize your dream of making your vision for a better Winnipeg a reality.

As a partner in United Way’s Vision Philanthropy, you’ll have a personal team who will:

• Research issues that are important to you to understand the best practices in addressing them

• Bring the knowledge of current efforts that can be leveraged to create the greatest impact

• Develop custom programs that reflect your interests, vision, and goals

• Identify community partners and manage relationships

• Build an evaluation plan up front

• Measure and report the results of your investment

• Provide analysis and advice for continuous improvement

• Facilitate in-person visits

Take The First Step

United Way is available anytime to talk to you about your vision and discuss how United Way can support you in making it a reality. You can learn more about Vision Philanthropy at United Way of Winnipeg with this brochure, or call us at 204-477-5360.