Indigenous Relations

Winnipeg’s Indigenous community has experienced a great deal of change over the last several years. It is young, vibrant and expected to grow faster than any other segment of our population.

“Aboriginal people, like all human beings, aren’t static in time,” said Dr. Judy Bartlett, a former member of United Way’s Council for Indigenous Relations. “Things change and flow and move forward. The environment in Winnipeg is different now than it was just five years ago. We have a whole new group of young people coming in.”

United Way’s Indigenous Relations Strategy builds on the strengths of the Indigenous community—and the strengths of United Way—in a collective effort to make Winnipeg a better city today and for the future.

Over the past several years, the Council for Indigenous Relations has increased the involvement of Winnipeg’s Indigenous community in all aspects of United Way’s work.

Today we invest nearly $2 million annually in 10 Indigenous-led Winnipeg organizations (PDF). This past fall, thanks to Winnipegger’s generous support, we were able to increase funding by $10,000 to each and to put out a funding call to new Indigenous-led nonprofits.

We first began investing in our city’s Indigenous-led nonprofits 50 years ago.

2014 Call for Proposals

For the 3rd year in a row, United Way of Winnipeg issued a ‘Call for Proposals’ for the Aboriginal Organizational Capacity Fund. The Fund provides support to individual not-for-profit Indigenous service organizations not currently funded by United Way.

Aboriginal Philanthropy in Canada: A Foundation for Understanding

“Aboriginal” and “philanthropy” are not words that come together often in Canada –
and we want to change that.

The time is ripe to develop Aboriginal philanthropy in Canada – to foster the involvement of philanthropic organizations in Indigenous communities and to develop Indigenous support for and involvement in philanthropic organizations. Both these goals require learning and change for both parties – Indigenous Peoples and philanthropic organizations.

Aboriginal Philanthropy in Canada Download the Full Report | The Circle Website

Eagle’s Eye View: An Environmental Scan of the Aboriginal Community in Winnipeg

First published in 2004, the Eagle’s Eye View environmental scan provided a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive, integrated, and holistic snapshot of the Indigenous community in Winnipeg.

A new edition of Eagle’s Eye View was published in June 2010. Download it below and email our Indigenous Relations Director with any questions or ideas.

Enviro scan of Wpg Aboriginal community 2010 – 2nd Edition | Enviro scan of Wpg Aboriginal community 2004 – 1st Edition