Dream Seats

Can’t Use Your Tickets?

With 48 hours notice, United Way takes donated game tickets and puts them in the hands of kids in our community who might not otherwise have the chance to experience a professional hockey, football or baseball game.

Your donation of a pair of tickets, or more, can open doors to new experiences, create lasting memories and, who knows, maybe even inspire the next Olympian or NHL player to come out of Winnipeg.

How Does It Work?

Simply fill out the donation form, or give us a call at 204-477-5360.

With all the action packed details of the game, we’ll reach out to one of our youth-serving agencies to find a budding young fan and arrange the rest, from supervision to transportation.

Tickets can then be emailed, mailed, dropped off in person, or couriered over to 580 Main Street in time for game day.

Fill a Seat, Fulfill a Dream

Remember the first time you saw the Jets play—the scrape of skates on ice, the clatter of players against the boards, the roar of the crowd when they scored?

How about the breathtaking view from the bleachers of the stadium or that terrifying, yet thrilling boom of the touchdown cannon at the Bomber game?

Every kid deserves the chance to get in on the action and experience that same rush of excitement, to have and cherish those memories for a lifetime, to aspire to excellence.

That’s what United Way’s Dream Seats is all about.

You Hold the Ticket

Make a football, baseball or hockey dream come true for a child in Winnipeg. Just take a look at how kids who’ve had the Dream Seats experience feel.