We’re inspired by the 2013 Women of Distinction.

Congratulations to the nominees and winners of the 38th Annual YMCA-YWCA Women of Distinction Awards.

YMCA-YWCA Women Of DistinctionThese women inspire us. They make our community stronger. Their dedication to building a better life for everyone makes others pause to wonder what they might accomplish, too. And that’s real leadership.

We’re proud of the many women winners and nominees who have connections to United Way.

Deputy Minister Jan Sanderson, United Way Board of Trustees, Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council member, winner of the Leadership and Management Award.

Chrissy Troy, tireless United Way and Koats for Kids volunteer, winner of the Public Awareness and Communications Award.

Chelsea Caldwell, Chair of United Way’s Youth United Council, nominated for the Young Women of Distinction Award.

Joan Hibbert, founder of United Way agency partner The Laurel Centre, winner of the Eira “Babs” Friesen Lifetime Achievement Award.

Sharon Taylor, Executive Director of United Way agency partner Wolseley Family Place, nominated for the Eira “Babs” Friesen Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lana Bakun, former United Way GenNext Council member, nominated for the Voluntarism, Advocacy & Community Enhancement Award.

Our Salute to businesses and organizations making a difference in Winnipeg.

Every year, when our annual campaign is wrapped up, we take a moment to compile a list of outstanding businesses and organizations that worked so hard to raise money for our community.

Thank you for making a difference through United Way.

Hosting a workplace campaign is more than just planning pancake breakfasts—it’s a chance to connect with coworkers who care about our community. A chance to think about how working together for a greater goal not only produces valuable results, but cements friendships and builds teams.

We’re so grateful to all the businesses and organizations that find value in having a United Way campaign. Some work to increase their donations or participation. Some get together to volunteer at Days of Caring. And some just go over the top having fun and making a difference in our city.

Here’s a Salute to them.