Leaving a real, lasting legacy in Winnipeg.

On Thursday, April 16, 2015, United Way of Winnipeg hosted a luncheon to celebrate and recognize the many generous and visionary friends who have supported our community through the Tomorrow Fund, United Way’s endowment—specifically, individuals who have named United Way as a beneficiary in their estate plans.

President and CEO Connie Walker shared with the group her vision about the past, present and future of United Way of Winnipeg, which in the year of United Way’s 50th anniversary, takes a special meaning.

United Way Endowment Fund Legacy Lunch 2015

A donor for 50 years, 96 year-old Sam Fabro, C.M. and United Way President Connie Walker chat about past, present and future at the annual Tomorrow Fund Legacy Circle Lunch.

The Tomorrow Fund, whose value currently stands at $12 Million, includes investments made by founders like George T. Richardson (The George and Tannis Richardson Fund) and William Palk (The William Lawrence Palk Family Fund), United Way’s first ever campaign chair. Each year, investment income from the Tomorrow Fund helps support an essential network of more than 100 agencies, partners and programs.

Organizers hope it will be the first of many such events.

For more information about the Tomorrow Fund, email Sonya Bertoncello-May or call 204-924-4291.

2015 Tomorrow Fund Honour Roll

The Tomorrow Fund is United Way’s endowment fund. Gifts are invested and your support continues in perpetuity, creating a better Winnipeg for future generations.

+ = Deceased 

Tomorrow Fund

Arthur & Mary Anhalt, National Leasing
Joan Arreza
William & Dorothy Atkinson
Sonya Bertoncello-May
Dr. Donald F. & Edith Besant
Mildred C. Bjarnason
Dr. Sara Israels & Daniel Blankstein
Marjorie Blankstein, C.M., O.M. & Morley Blankstein+
Dr. Frances A. Booth
Caitlin Boland
Charles R. Bouskill
Noelle Bowles
Odd Bres
Barry N. Brown & Lynda Brown
Dee Buchwald
Carol Buckner
Gus & Diane Campbell, Ernst & Young LLP
Rob & Sandi Coghlan
Peggy Colonello
John P. Crabb
The Mark & Dorothy Danzker Perpetual Trust Fund of the Jewish Foundation
Alison & Bob Darling, Investors Group (Retired)
Dennis Engel & Kim Ross
Roland & Doris Engel
Charlotte Enns
The Hon. D. D. Everett & Patty+ Everett
Dr. Susan Fair
Cy Fien & Tana Christianson
Evelyn L. Forget
Doug Fyfe
Christine Gallant
Joseph Graham
Janet Handel
Pat & Jack Harper
Pamela E. Hilderman
Kathryn Hofley
Margaret Houston
Richard Irish
Calvin Kowcun
Serena Kraayeveld, F.C.A.
Mrs. Miriam Lampé
Doug & Jane Latter
Rick Lee & Laurie Shapiro
Daniel Levin & Lilian Bonin
Dr. Ahmet & Gail Leylek
Rose & Dick Lim
Howard Loewen & Anne Cholakis
Nick Logan & Christine Skene
Peggy MacMillan
John Maguire & Dr. Susan Collison
Garry T. Markham
Barry & Carol McArton
Robert D. McGregor
Sam & Aveeve McLaughlin
Faye Parks-Micay
Karen Mitchell
Linda Motz
Maryann Nevile
Mark Ng
Beverly Passey FCGA & Russell Passey
Harvey M. Peltz
Sandra & Rob Pierce
Jean & Bert Polet
David Pollock
Dr. Bill Pope & Dr. Elizabeth Tippett-Pope
Edward Ransby
Iris Reimer
Joyce E. Rich
Carole Scrivener
Margaret M. Seifert
Anne M. Simpson
Gary & Gwen Steiman
Louise M. Stewart
Robert & Judy Stewart
Hugh & Susan Taylor Family
Gwenda Templeton
Jim & Janice Tennant
Ms. Laurel Thorlacius
Dr. Ken & Mrs. Lorna Thorlakson
Susan Glass, C.M. & Arni Thorsteinson, Shelter Canadian Properties Limited
Mark & Melanie Tooley
Paul & Margaret Wright

Endowment Funds

The David & Ruth Asper Fund
The Coghlan Family Fund
The John P. Crabb Family Fund
The Mark & Dorothy Danzker Trust Fund-Jewish Foundation MB
The Kim Ross & Dennis Engel Family Fund
The Moffat Family Fund
The William Lawrence Palk Family Fund
The Alan & Erica McLaughlin Fund
The Jean Polet Fund
The Kathleen Richardson Fund
The Wyrzykowski Family Memorial Fund

The Gail Asper & Michael Paterson Fund
The Beverly Craven Fund
The Jean N. Demianyk Fund
The Serena Kraayeveld Fund
The Robert McGregor Fund

The Robert M. Chipman Fund
The Dr. Gordon P. Fahrni Fund
The Pat & Laddie Hutchison Fund
The Harry William & Myrna H. Levin Family Fund
The Logan Family Fund
The Polly & Derek Riley Fund
1 Anonymous

The In memory of Israel Asper, O.C.,O.M.,Q.C. L.L.D.& Babs Asper Fund
The Daniel Blankstein & Dr. Sara Israels Fund
The Penny & Sheldon Bowles Fund
The James Burns Fund
The Tracey Dawn Deley Fund
The Patty & Doug Everett Fund
The Molly & Ted Finkbeiner Family Fund
The Joseph & Carolyn Graham Fund
The G. B. Gray Fund
The Janet Handel & Ted Paterson Fund
The Margaret Houston Fund of the Winnipeg Foundation
The Susan Lewis Community Fund
The Douglas & Elizabeth MacEwan Fund
The Peggy & Bruce MacMillan Fund
The George & Tannis Richardson Fund
The Rose & Paul Rudko Fund
The Sandy Fund
The Harvey & Carole Scrivener Fund
The Gary & Gwen Steiman Fund
The Susan Glass & Arni Thorsteinson Fund
The Mark & Melanie Tooley Family Fund
The Jo Wright Fund

The Anhalt Family Fund
The Bateman Family Fund
The Morley & Marjorie Blankstein Fund
The Barry Brown Family Fund
The Don & Barbara Brownell Family Fund
The Gus & Diane Campbell Fund
The Rick Lee & Laurie Shapiro Family Fund
The Lilian Bonin & Daniel Levin Family Fund
The John Maguire & Susan Collison Family Fund
The Aveeve & Sam McLaughlin Fund
The Dr. Bill Pope & Dr. Elizabeth Tippett-Pope Fund
The Carolyn & Edward Ransby Fund
The Dennis & Marie Riley Fund
The Hugh & Susan Taylor Family Fund
The Gwenda Templeton Family Fund
The Jean M. Walker Fund
The Les & Terry Wiens Family Fund
The Paul & Margaret Wright Family Fund
1 Anonymous

The Dr. Donald & Edith Besant Fund
The Mildred C. Bjarnason Fund
The Frances Bowles Fund
The Dr. Alice Cheatley Fund
The Dzisiak Family Fund
The Roland & Doris Engel Family Fund
The Doug Harvey Family Fund
The Dr. Ahmet & Gail Leylek Fund
The Rosy & Dick Lim Fund
The Garry Markham Fund
The Joan L. McAdam Fund
The McArton Family Fund
The Ross McKenzie Fund
The Barrie & Marvelle McPherson Fund
The Passey Family Fund
The Ted Paterson Fund
The Louise Albertsen Stewart Fund
The Jim & Jan Tennant Family Fund
The Dr. Ken & Lorna Thorlakson Fund
The Brenda & Darcy Zaporzan Fund

The Harold & Dee Buchwald Fund
The Alex & Peggy Colonello Fund
The Michael Finkbeiner Fund
The John (Jack) Fraser Fund
The Dr. R. F. & Eira Friesen Fund
The Kathryn Hofley Fund
The Rees & Pat Jones Fund
The J. Keith Knox Fund
The Dr. Keith Levin & Dr. Babette Cohen Fund
The Elizabeth Marr & Nick Slonosky Fund
The Mark Norrie Memorial Fund
The PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Fund
The James & Anne M. Simpson Fund
1 Anonymous

The William & Dorothy Atkinson Fund
The Baizley Family Fund
The Denis & Susan Bourgeois Family Fund
The Burt Family Fund
The Allan Fineblit Fund
The John W. Fraser Fund
The Robert P. Gannon Fund
The Doris & Rod Hunter Fund
The Phyllis & Harold Hunter Fund
The Paul M. Lacap & J. Signy Gerrard Fund
The Miriam Lampe Fund
The Lynn & Wally MacMartin Fund
The Doris & Gordon MacDonell Fund
The Jean & Nicholas Malyk Family Fund
The Mike Miller Fund
The Marion Mills Fund
The Sara Penner Fund
The Sandra & Rob Pierce Family Fund
The Jean Purdy Fund
The Madge O. Stevens Fund

Back to Our Roots

Keeping Winnipeg strong for future generations, these former Winnipeggers made generous gifts to the tomorrow fund.

Keystones $100,000+
R. A. N. Bonnycastle
Bryce & Nicki Douglas
The Grenon Family
Chris & Pam Hodgson
Michael & Joy Phelps
Royden+ & Beverly Richardson
Karen Richardson+
Ronald Stern
Graeme & Sara Thomson
In memory of Frances Verstraete-Waugh
Chuck & Libby Winograd

Pillars $50,000—$99,000
Alex & Kathleen Ramsay
1 Anonymous

Benefactors $25,000—$49,999
Gerald Schwartz

40th Anniversary Society

Gifts to the Tomorrow Fund in celebration of United Way’s first 40 years of work in our community.

Babs Asper+
Gail Asper, O.M., O.C., & Michael Paterson
Morley+ Blankstein & Marjorie Blankstein, C.M., O.M.
Penny & Sheldon Bowles
J.W. Burns, O.C., O.M.
Gus & Diane Campbell
Norman L. Coghlan+ & The Hon. Pearl K. McGonigal, C.M., O.M.
John P. Crabb
Robert Dzisiak & Debora Mazur
The Hon. D. D. Everett
Ted Finkbeiner+
John F. (Jack) Fraser
Mrs. Carolyn Graham
G. B. Gray+
Justice Barbara M. Hamilton
Margaret Houston
Pat & Laddie Hutchison
Ernest G. Johnson+
Rees M. Jones, F.C.A.
Serena Kraayeveld, F.C.A.
Rick Lee & Laurie Shapiro
Myrna H. Levin+
Susan Lewis
Elizabeth Marr & Nick Slonosky
Al & Erica McLaughlin
Sara Penner
Robert G. Puchniak
George+ & Tannis Richardson
Kathleen M. Richardson, C.C., O.M.
Dennis & Marie Riley
Polly+ & Derek Riley
Carole & Harvey+ Scrivener
Laurie Stovel
Gwenda Templeton
Jim & Janice Tennant
Jean M. Walker
Jo Wright
Conrad Wyrzykowski
2 Anonymous

Quarter Century Society

The official launch of the Tomorrow Fund to commemorate United Way’s 25th Anniversary.

Paul Albrechtsen
Norman J. Alexander+
Estate of C. V. Antenbring
E. M. Antenbring+
R. E. Archer
Judge & Mrs. Philip Ashdown
I. H. Asper, O.C., O.M., Q.C.+
Raymond R. Bailey+
In memory of Joan Bailey
Mr. & Mrs. C. Richard Betts
Marjorie Blankstein, C.M., O.M.
Frances Bowles
Penny & Sheldon Bowles
Harold Buchwald, C.M., Q.C.+
W. John A. Bulman
Barbara M. Burns+
Albert D. Cohen, C.M.+
Mrs. Leatrice Cohen
Peter D. Curry+
The Mark & Dorothy Danzker Perpetual Trust Fund of the Jewish Foundation
Emeric V. Duha+
G. Clarence Elliott
E. Roy Essery+
The Hon. D. D. Everett
R. Fern Fields+
John F. Fraser, Q.C.
Dr. & Mrs R. F. Friesen
Robert P. Gannon
Dr. & Mrs.+ Percy Goldberg
Richard I. Good
Donald M. Gordon+
Dr. & Mrs. William L. Gordon
Carolyn Graham
John D. Green
Lucien Guénette
Graeme T. Haig, C.M., Q.C.+
Charles F. J. Harvey+
Doug Harvey
Kerry & Kaaren Hawkins
Roderick O. A. Hunter+
Laddie Hutchison
Drs. June & Ralph James+
Ernest G. Johnson+
Rees M. Jones, F.C.A.
Sol Kanee, O.C.+
David S. Kaufman+
Robin M. Kersey
David L. Killam
Mr. & Mrs. R. M. (Bob) Kozminski
Serena Kraayeveld, F.C.A.
Richard H. Kroft
A. Searle Leach, O.C.+
Bill & Shirley Loewen
Miss Suzanne Lucas+
Mr. & Mrs. K. Bruce+ MacMillan
Mr. W. Steward Martin+
Mr. & Mrs.+ Arthur V. Mauro, O.C., O.M.
Robert B. May
Marvelle McPherson, C.M.
Randall L. Moffat
Allan M. Moore+
Hon. Justice Peter S. Morse
Margaret I. Morton
John R. Nesbitt
Jane Paterson+
Lawrie O. Pollard
Dr. W. D. B. Pope & Dr. Elizabeth A. C. Tippett-Pope
Iser S. Portnoy+
Mr.+ & Mrs. George T. Richardson
Kathleen M. Richardson, C.C., O.M.
Mrs. C. S. Riley+
Allan Sair
Stewart A. Searle+
Sandra & Harvey Secter
Mrs. M. A. Sellers
Max Shore+
Abe L. Simkin, Q.C.
Dr.+ & Mrs. J. B. Squire
Gary T. Steiman
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce S. Thompson
Dr. T. Kenneth Thorlakson, C.M.
Hon. G. E. Tritschler+
Cargill Limited
Comcheq Services Limited
Dominion Tanners
Investors Group
James Richardson & Sons, Limited
The Eaton Foundation
The Great-West Life Assurance Company
Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company
5 Anonymous

New Millennium Society

These individuals celebrated the millennium with special gifts to the Tomorrow Fund.

Gail Asper, O.M., O.C.,
Donald G. Baizley, Q.C.+
Jan Belanger
Betty Black
Max Blankstein
Joan Blight
R. A. N. Bonnycastle
Frances Bowles
Penny & Sheldon Bowles
Marilyn Burt
Gus Campbell
Cecile Cassista
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Coghlan
Mrs. Leatrice Cohen
Scott & Bernice Craig
W. Parker Fillmore
Dr. & Mrs. R. F. Friesen
Barb Gamey
Robert P. Gannon
Irene A. Hamilton
Jack R. Hignell+
Margaret Houston
Dr. Sara Israels & Daniel Blankstein
Marjorie Johnston+
David S. Kaufman+
Susan M. Kennedy
Hon. Richard Kroft, C.M. & Hillaine Kroft
Janice Y. Lederman
Frederick A. Lee
Dr. Keith J. Levin
Susan Lewis, O.M.
Hon. Peter M. Liba, C.M., O.M.+
Mr. James MacDonald
Mrs. Doris MacDonell+
Gordon T. MacDonell+
Albert Mallett
Elizabeth Marr
Michael A. Miller
William+ & Helen Norrie
Dr. Linda Nugent & Dr. Peter Lemon
Dr. Bill Pope
Mr.+ & Mrs. George T. Richardson
Kathleen M. Richardson, C.C., O.M.
Karn Sandy
Murray Sigler
Gary & Gwen Steiman
Thomas Strike
P. Colleen Suche, Q.C.
Arni Thorsteinson
Edward C. Wright
Jo Wright
Evelyn+ & Conrad Wyrzykowski
4 Anonymous

Legacy Circle

Marjorie Blankstein, C.M., O.M.
Joan Blight
Henk Booy & Anne Benjamins-Booy
Diane Boyle
Sheila & David Brodovsky
Richard & Joyce Brownscombe
Tom & Donna Bryk
Marilyn & Jim Burt
Gus Campbell
Mary Campbell
Dr. Alice Cheatley
Brian Chipman
Kevin Chipman
Rick & Cynthia Chuckree
Margaret Clarke
Lawrence & Reesa Cohen
Peggy & Alex+ Colonello
Anne Courage
Susan & Paul Cunningham
Colin J. Demianyk
Donald A. Dick
Cynthia A. Drebot
Arthur Elias
Roland & Doris+ Engel
Barb Evans
L & M Evans
Sam Fabro, C.M.
Michael Finkbeiner
Anna Fontaine
John W. Fraser
John F. Funnell, Q.C.
Barb & Dave Gemmell
Jean & Mark Gendron
Carolyn & Joseph Graham
Janet Handel & Ted Paterson+
Daniel Heindl
Dorothy Hodgson
Kathryn Hofley
Doug Holland
Herbert S. Jackson
Eric & Carol+ Johnson
Rees M. Jones, FCA
Serena Kraayeveld, F.C.A.
Larry Lee
Lilian Bonin & Daniel Levin
Susan Lewis
Nick Logan
Lynn & Wally MacMartin
Joan L. McAdam
Barrie & Marvelle McPherson, C.M.
Marion Mills+
Sheila Molloy
Andrea Moore
Dr. Linda Nugent
Faye Parks-Micay
Donna & Bill Parrish
Beverly & Russell Passey
Mark Perry
Vic & Gwen Pinchin+
Doug Pollard & Kristie Pearson
Lawrence Pollard
John Poyser
Rick Preston
Edward Rice
Gordon C. Richardson
Ross Sigurdson
Anne M. Simpson
Wally & Annette Skomoroh
Emily Sleeman
Richard Stecenko
Mrs. Louise M. Stewart
Bob Stroh
Hugh Swandel
Gwenda Templeton
Glen Torgerson
Cynthia & Lee Anthony Turner
Coleman Louis Velin+
Norman A. Velnes
Prof. Leslie West
Les & Terry Wiens
Spish Wisniewski
Jo Wright
Pamela Wright
Andrew & Lori Yorke
Darcy & Brenda Zaporzan
10 Anonymous


Gordon & Alice Aikman
Noreen & Robert Allen Charitable Trust
Mae Anstruther
Clarence Antenbring
E.M. Atenbring
James H. Ashdown
Peter Balak
Alfred S. Bell
Terrance Benfield
Cecil Biglow
Dr. Elinor Black
Patricia Boyce
Shirley Margaret Bradshaw
Issy Brass
Marion T. Bremner
Samuel Brickman
H.S. Broadfoot
Lillian Rose Browne
Simon Brownstone
Jessie Anne Buckingham
Anson Campbell
Ina Caners
Anne Irene Chapman
Olga Cherewyk
Mary Chorlton
Flora Collinson
Alice Cook
Audrey L. Corbett
Frederick Corrigan
Stanley Crawford
Eunice Crookshanks
Mabel Jean Currie
F. R. Daherisky
The Mark & Dorothy Danzker Perpetual Trust Fund
Grace Davidson
M. Jean Davis
Vera Elizaeth Dewet
M. Yale Diamond
Ruth Drew
Norma E. Dunnett
Harold Einarsson
Pearl K. Ebin
Mollie English
Eva Epsten
Dr. Gordon Fahrni
Dorothy Louise Falconer
Michael Finkbeiner
Olive B. Flaws
Jack Forgan
John Fox
Margaret Garrett
Vera Garvin
Marion Gaworsky
Lillian Gibbons
Goldie Gruber
Margaret J. Hartland
James Barclay Hartman
Eileen Hepple
Mary Hughes
Samuel Jarnieuski
Edna Johnston
J. Kaufenhofen
Joseph Kemel
A. Laverne Kerr
Norma Kitchingman
Margaret Laing
Walter R. Lawson
John Eric Leech
N. Leishman
Gordon Linney
Allan Bruce Lockhart
Phyllis Melsted
Dorothy Catherine Menzies Cameron Lynch
Mireille Marrin
V. McCoubrey
Aaron McCrea
John H. McIver
John McLeod
Sheila McNeill
Dorothy June Mestdagh
Harold Meyers
Allan M. Moore
Anne Narvey
Paul Norman Nielsen
Samuel B. Nitikman
Richard Oatway
Katherine Olsen
William & Eileen Palk
Kanagaratnam Param
Natanis A. Phillips
Florence Lilian Pierce
Vic & Gwen Pinchin
Ivy Primmett
Dennis Reed
Louisa Richards
Arthur Rivington
Evelyn Russell
Karl Schuler
Lenore Scotchmer
Helen Scotland Smith
Stewart Searle, Jr.
Joseph Secter
Mike Semeniuk
Sybil Shack
Christina Sharp
Ernest Shaw
Frances Sheps
Bernard Shibou
M. Slusman
Goldie Smiley
Margaret Patricia Smith
Glen Spenger
Maxwell Starr
Robert Stewart
Sheila Sturley
Dorothy E. Thompson
Earle Thompson
Robertina Tod
Cressie Tritschler
G. Tritschler
W. M. Alexander Tucker
Coleman Louis Velin
Lloyd Waddell
Jessie Pow Watson
Wilma Weekes
Mildred C. Wallace
Robert Henry Wieler
Bessie Florence Wilkinson
L. M. Williams
Charles Wright
4 Anonymous