Plane Pull 2016 bigger than ever!

More Winnipeggers than ever  pulled planes at United Way’s 13th Annual Plane Pull!

Plane Pull 2016 brought out almost 2000 people and 78 teams of pullers – a record number showing their support for our city.


Nearly $50,000 was raised, all of it going to create more mentors for kids, one of the four priority areas in United Way’s new Three Years for a Better Winnipeg plan.

Victor Golondrina, 19, moved the crowd with a story of mentorship in his life. His mom, a “strong and resilient woman,” struggled with poverty and mental health issues as she raised him and his four siblings. He found positive role models at his local Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg, and today is a mentor to young kids at another United Way agency – West Broadway Youth Outreach.

Victor Golondrina

Victor Golondrina

“They gave me hope, and now I am giving it back…and United Way has been there every step along the way.”

Thank you to all the teams and plane pullers who came out to pull for a better Winnipeg!


Payworks was the Top Fundraising team with an amazing $7343.71 raised, while Top Individual Fundraisers were Shaun Hauser, $3200.00; Trevor MacHutchon, $1650.00; Raj Misir, $1052.77; Earl Holden, $925.00; and Lauren Slusky: $824.00.

The Team Spirit award was taken down by Winnipeg Airport Authority.

Also note there is STILL TIME TO FUNDRAISE and win some amazing prizes! You have until Friday, September 30 at 4 p.m. to qualify for a super sweet Rocky Mountain trip. Fundraise to earn extra chances to win this incredible prize courtesy of VIA Rail and Shelter Canadian Properties Ltd. Friday, September 30 at 4pm is also the cut-off to claim your limited edition Plane Pull hat ($50+ fundraisers), or hoodie AND hat ($150+).

Team Steam awards for fastest pull times were Standard Aero, who pulled the water bomber 20 feet in a smoking 5.65 seconds, and the Canad Inns team who flew the Boeing 727 in 8.75 seconds. See all results below.


Congratulations to everyone and thank you for making it a great day, and a special thank you to Red River College and their Stevenson Campus for their hard work and hospitality again this year!


CL-215 Water Bomber

United Way Winnipeg Cabinet 7.85
17 Wing 6.21
Winnipeg Airport Authority 5.68
Birchwood Automotive Group 6.13
Canada Revenue Agency-Tax Center 5.91
Richardson International 6.78
Manitoba Hydro 5.85
MNP LLP 7.22
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 6.43
Deloitte 7.07
HSC 8.00
WRHA 7.60
Johnston Group Inc. 7.69
Manitoba Blue Cross 7.25
Unifor 6.40
Great-West Life 6.19
Wawanesa 6.56
Payworks 7.18
MPI 6.81
Royal Canadian Mint 6.03
Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology 7.03
RBC Royal Bank 6.63
Taylor McCaffrey 7.94
RCMP D Division 8.66
Province of Manitoba 7.28
E-Health 6.44
Red River College 6.66
Calm Air 7.57
Magellan Aerospace 7.32
StandardAero 5.65
Bridgeport 7.03
Online Business Systems 6.69
Color Ad Packaging 9.41
Pollard Banknote Ltd 6.40
Winpak Ltd. 6.88
AON Reed Stenhouse Inc 6.78
Scotia Bank 8.25
Cambrian Credit Union 6.97
Agency 7.31
GenNext 7.00
AON Team 2 6.56
United Way 7.50
Winnipeg Sun 7.07
Toromont Cat 6.78
Canad Inns, fastest on the Boeing 727.

Canad Inns, fastest on the Boeing 727.

Boeing 727

Bisons – U of M Football Team 10.09
MTS 11.84
AAA Security 12.56
EPIC 9.53
MPI – HR Division 10.75
Canad Inns 8.75
North West Company 9.97
Boeing Canada 10.31
Calm Air Team #2 11.13
Manulife Financial 11.16
The Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre 13.32
Tundra Oil & Gas 12.12
CIBC 10.47
National Bank Financial 10.28
Diagnostic Services of Manitoba 11.25
Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries 10.93
National Leasing 10.50
Fed Ex Canada 10.38
Quintex Services Ltd. 10.88
GHY International Ltd. 10.12
New Flyer 11.47
PCL Constructors Canada Inc. 10.50
MMM Group 12.38
Cargill 11.81
17 Wing 9.56
Red River College 10.25
University of Winnipeg 10.16
Princess Auto 10.66
Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba 10.59
Ma Mawi Wi Chi Hata Centre Inc. 8.97
CAA Manitoba 11.41
Labour 9.37
Monarch Industries 10.19
Grace General Hospital 11.72




“Sometimes kids need somebody.”

Caitlynn found a future at a United Way supported after-school program at YMCA-YWCA. Here she tells her story in her own words.

Have you ever had trouble with kids in your neighbourhood? Something innocent like a knocked over garbage can or mailbox. Maybe a little more scary like having your windows egged. Perhaps a group of teens were acting out and made you feel unsafe. Or stole something. Did you yell at them? Did you call the police?

Caitlynn finds a future thanks to after-school programs.

My name is Caitlynn. I was one of those kids. I was heading down the wrong path.  I was stealing. I was doing drugs. I was getting into trouble and I didn’t care. But an after-school program in my neighbourhood helped me turn my life around and care about something other than myself.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t like magic. The first time I went there, I got kicked out because Ken, the program manager, caught me smoking drugs under the back stairwell.  Not long after I got caught stealing and the judge told my mom I could work my fines off.  She brought me back there.

Ken made me clean toilets, do dusting…stuff like that. I hated it. It sucked. But I had to do it so I kept coming back. And over time I started to realize that they do some pretty cool stuff. There’s a gym. A climbing wall. And all these kids come here every day and have a great time.  It looked like so much fun, so I asked Ken if there was any other way I could help. He got me working with some of the younger kids, supervising, making sure they didn’t get into trouble…didn’t get hurt. It was hard, but I liked it. So I kept coming back, even when I didn’t have to anymore.

I was in a really bad place when I first discovered this program.  Meeting Ken, and him putting me through all the programs and things, it helped me stay off the streets and doing drugs and become a better person.

That’s what I want to do with my life. I want to go back to school and go into social work. I want to help kids because sometimes they need somebody to be a role model for them and I’d really like to be that. I’d really like to be there for them the way Ken was there for me.

P.S. I’m so proud. I became a United Way donor for the first time this campaign!