The Winnipeg Promise will help more children get a higher education.

Poverty is a complex and critical issue in Winnipeg, and United Way works with many partners who share the belief that any and all steps we can take towards ending it are important.

At the Cities Reducing Poverty: When Mayors Lead summit, Mayor Bowman announced The Winnipeg Promise, a steering committee dedicated to removing barriers that prevent low income families from accessing the Canada Learning Bond.

Families can benefit from increased access to supports like the Canada Leaning Bond.

Photo: Winnipeg Boldness Project.

The Canada Learning Bond is money the Government of Canada deposits directly into a child’s Registered Education Savings Plan, and though many low-income Canadians are eligible, not all know about the program or take advantage of the money it provides. Some face barriers like not having identification, established bank accounts, or a stable address to receive mail.

And sometimes, the barriers are social isolation, stigma and mistrust.

Easier access to the Canada Learning Bond could make a practical and real difference, inspiring hope for the future in families where money for an education after high school is hard to come by.

United Way President & CEO Connie Walker is part of the committee, along with voices from the Indigenous community and the social, business, health, and education sectors.

It’s exciting to see the commitment Mayor Bowman, the McConnell Foundation, and leaders throughout the community have to easing the barriers poverty puts in the path of Winnipeg families.

We’re looking forward to working with our community on this and many other efforts needed to lift children and families out of poverty. And we’re really looking forward to more Winnipeg children—and their families—feeling hopeful about their bright futures.

We’ve got four $500 scholarships for community-connected university & college students!

The Youth Leaders in Action Scholarship offered by Youth United recognizes the contributions of young community leaders and encourages them to keep up the great work at university or college. All they need to do is apply!

United Way's Youth United offers four $500 scholarships.

In 2014, we’ll be awarding four scholarships of $500 each.  Applicants will be young people under 25 who have made a difference in our community.

Scholarship criteria

Academic potential – Awards will be given to full or part-time students who have been accepted to or are attending a post-secondary institution in Winnipeg during the 2014-2015 academic year and are able to demonstrate a commitment to their education.

Demonstrated leadership – The selection committee will look for situations where students have challenged themselves in order to influence others and address local community issues that are important to them.

Community involvement – Recipients will be able to demonstrate genuine commitment and connection at a neighbourhood level.

Connection with a United Way-funded organization – Awards will be granted to students who have participated, volunteered, or worked with a United Way agency partner.

Financial need – The selection committee will make it a priority to select recipients who have demonstrated a need for financial support.

The deadline for the scholarship is February 14th, 2014. Apply today!

Feel free to contact Leigh-Anne Bowles, our Youth United Manager by phone at 204-924-4265 or email with any questions.