Celebrating our amazing Sponsored Executives!

Our Sponsored Executives make it possible to help more than 250,000 Winnipeggers!

About 300 United Way friends and family gathered on Wednesday to celebrate those who make workplace campaigns a success – Sponsored Executives and the generous organizations who make it possible for them to join United Way for 14 weeks.


The Sponsored Executives were presented with thank you poster placards featuring all their pictures , along with sharpies so they could sign them for each other.

SEs sign the back of each others thank you plaques.

SEs sign the back of each other’s thank you plaques.

SEs (from left) Ayaan Shire, Marie Tichborne, and Jacqueline Proulx show off their thank you placards.

SEs (from left) Ayaan Shire, Marie Tichborne, and Jacqueline Proulx show off their thank you placards.

They were recognized on stage for their incredible work. On cue they raised placards displaying 215,000 – the number of Winnipeggers that will be helped by campaign dollars raised so far.

SEs show off how many Winnipeggers will be helped by dollars raised so far.

SEs show off how many Winnipeggers will be helped by dollars raised so far.

“You make it possible to engage and mobilize thousands of Winnipeggers in hundreds of workplaces each year,” said 2015 Campaign Chair Kelvin Shepherd.

The Class of 2015, with event MC 103.1 Virgin Radio's Chrissy Troy.

The SE class of 2015, with event MC 103.1 Virgin Radio’s Chrissy Troy.

“The class of 2015…in just 14 weeks you’ve made a big impression.”

SE Yvette Deveau photo-bombs SEs Enisty Fahmy (from left), Erinn Hannay, and Samantha Ginter

SE Yvette Deveau photo-bombs SEs Enisty Fahmy (from left), Erinn Hannay, and Samantha Ginter

Ward Keith of platinum event sponsor MPI told the Sponsored Executives the work they do to help United Way raise campaign dollars changes lives.

“Not just the lives of people United Way helps, but it changes your life, so I hope you get joy from that.”

Katie Dubienski and Curtis Shonoski point to their names on the SE listings.

Katie Dubienski and Curtis Shonoski point to their names on the SE posters on display.

MaryAnn Kempe of Birchwood Automotive Group and co-chair and champion for United Way’s Leadership Development Program thanked the sponsoring organizations “for giving us your best.”

“Our 37 Sponsored Executives are passionate, energetic, and creative. They unleash the kindness and generosity of Winnipeggers.”

SEs Barry Lundin and Jan Murowski.

SEs Barry Lundin and Jan Murowski.

Sponsored Executive Zoran Vicovac of the Workers Compensation Board spoke as the 2015 SE Valedictorian.

He talked of growing up in the North End and credited his mother and late father for instilling in him a desire to give back to his community.

2015 Campaign Chair Kelvin Shepherd (left) poses with SE Valedictorian Zoran Vicovac and Zoran's mother Gina and wife Sylvia.

2015 Campaign Chair Kelvin Shepherd (left) poses with SE Valedictorian Zoran Vicovac and Zoran’s mother Gina and wife Sylvia.

“My father, he was the type of person, God rest his soul, he would give his last dollar…my parents planted a seed in me.”

All it requires for the effects of homelessness, poverty and mental illness to take hold, “is for good men and women to do nothing,” he said.

With recognition of the hard work thus far by all divisions complete, Kelvin had a challenge for everyone to get us to our 2015 goal.

“Last year we helped about 250,000 people, and we’d like to touch even more lives this year. We know there are kids and families counting on us.”

As we gather with family and friends to celebrate the holidays, let’s all think of one person we could inspire to help us change a life by supporting the campaign this year.

We’re all in this together Winnipeg. Thank you!”

SE Patty Magrath

SE Patty Magrath

Erick Nduwimana put his selfie stick to good use!

Erick Nduwimana put his selfie stick to good use!

2015 Sponsored Executives

Debra Akister
Don Allan
Evelyn Crate
Yvette Deveau
Katie Dubienski
Ben Durand
Miracle Ehiremen
Mark Essenburg
Enisty Fahmy
Kendra Fontaine
Samantha Ginter
Erinn Hannay
Kevin Haywood
Jennifer Isaak
Tamara Borgesen Kaminsky
Christopher Kirton
Barry Lundin
Trevor MacHutchon
Patty Magrath
Ian McLaren
Jacqueline Melito
Mike Messer
Jan Murowski
Erick Nduwimana
Brittany Neufeld
Rosemary Kamchen Oakes
Shawna Peterson
Jacqueline Proulx
Deb Radi
Derek Resch
Brian Saulnier
Ayaan Shire
Curtis Shonoski
Amanpreet Sidhu
Bev Smith
Marie Tichborne
Zoran Vicovac

Sponsoring Workplaces

Birchwood Automotive Group
Canada Revenue Agency – Winnipeg Tax Services Office
City of Winnipeg – Water and Waste Department
City of Winnipeg – Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service
City of Winnipeg – Winnipeg Transit
Credit Union Central of Manitoba, Assiniboine, Cambrian, Casera, Entegra, Steinbach and Winnipeg
Police Credit Unions
Family Services and Labour
Health Science Centre
Johnston Group
Manitoba Housing & Community Development
Manitoba Hydro
Manitoba Justice, Manitoba Health & Healthy Living
Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries
Manitoba Public Insurance
Mercer Bradley
National Leasing
New Flyer
Payworks Inc.
PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP
Province of Manitoba – Department of Labour & Immigration (Employment Standards)
Province of Manitoba – Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade, Jobs and the Economy
Province of Manitoba – Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship
Province of Manitoba – Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection
Province of Manitoba – Children and Youth Opportunities
Public Safety Canada – Emergency Management & National Security Branch
Quintex Services Ltd., MNP LLP & Mercer Bradley Inc.
RBC Launch Program Associate
RBC Royal Bank
Scotia Bank
TD Bank
The Great-West Life Assurance Company
The North West Company
Vector Construction Group
Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company & Wawanesa Life Insurance Company
Workers Compensation Board

We couldn’t build a better community without our Sponsored Executives.

It takes a lot of people each year to maintain and grow United Way’s essential network of programs and services.

How do we do it? With a huge group of special “employees” loaned to us from or sponsored by dozens of companies and organizations.

United Way Sponsored Executives

The 2013 Class of Sponsored Executives with Campaign Chair Steve Chipman.

These temporary fundraising staff are called “Sponsored Executives,” and in their time here they do a lot of legwork building relationships in the community and helping with the many workplace campaigns across the city.

They also learn public speaking, teamwork, management and confidence.

“During my time as a Sponsored Executive, I have had the opportunity to  gain experience in project management and public speaking. I have also learned to strengthen my time management skills.”
Joanna Forsey,
Trust Compliance Officer, Canada Revenue Agency

“As a Sponsored Executive I have had the great privilege to work and meet so many people that truly care about our city and helping out others.  Professionally, I have been able to enhance such skills as relationship building, public speaking, and event coordinating.  The one thing that will stick out to me is that there is power in numbers, and that when we all work together we can make a bigger difference.”
—Simon Ritchie,
Credit Specialist, RBC

“Having the opportunity to work with United Way for the past three months has been an amazing experience!  I have had the opportunity to work with so many great people and learn more about all of the terrific United Way agencies that are so dedicated to helping our city be a better place to live in!”
—Jan Murowski, Administrative Assistant, Mental Health Program
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

We typically celebrate the Sponsored Executive’s contribution during Report Session 4, the last official campaign status report before Celebration. But a few hours and a nice lunch can never suffice to express our gratitude for their hard work and their employer’s generous donation of their time.

We couldn’t do it without all of you!

Report Session 4: the big push towards the finish line.

With campaign entering the home stretch, United Way is relying on Winnipeggers to pick up the pace and raise the remaining $2.5 million required to meet this year’s campaign goal.

As of December 2, Winnipeggers have raised 88% of United Way's campaign goal

As of December 2, Winnipeggers have raised 88% of United Way's campaign goal

By crossing this year’s finish line and raising $19.7 million, together, we will be ensuring that United Way’s network of 100 partners and programs are able to open doors for better lives and brighter futures for the 1 in 3 Winnipeggers whose lives they touch. United Way-supported agencies provide crucial, ground-level support to families who are working hard to achieve financial stability and independence; keep kids safe from the threat of crime, drugs and life on the street; and assist neighbours who want to build strong and healthy communities where everyone is welcomed and included.

At the frontline of United Way’s campaign efforts for the past several months has been our team of 43 Sponsored Executives. Loaned to United Way by community-minded employers, Sponsored Executives provide leadership and support to thousands of volunteers and workplace campaigns across the city.

Report Session 4 provided United Way campaign cabinet, supporters, volunteers and staff with the opportunity to officially thank this team of tireless campaign champions. It was also an opportunity to salute the generous organizations that support the Sponsored Executive program year after year by sending or sponsoring this city’s best and brightest – giving them the chance to hone their leadership skills and make an impact for their community through United Way.

MPI onlineUnited Way would also like to thank event emcee Keith Maclaren, Senior Manager at Deloitte and a member of United Way’s Leadership Development Committee, and to MaryAnn Kempe, Vice-President of Community & Corporate Relations at Manitoba Public Insurance for bringing greetings on behalf of Manitoba Public Insurance, who generously provided sponsorship for our final report session.

“You’ve gone above and beyond for this city,” said Edward to the team of Sponsored Executives. “Now it’s up to the rest of us to follow your example and make sure this final leg of campaign ends with a victory lap.”