Join us in being (extra!) kind on Wednesday, June 22 & share with the hashtag #KindWPG!

Conscious Kindness Day is back, Winnipeg! Kindness can literally change lives. Let’s celebrate how kindness and compassion can be transformative—and a part of our lives every day.

Remember how fun it was last year when everyone was extra kind? This year it’s even easier: there’s no website to sign up, no pledges to make: just you and your kind ideas, wherever you are in Winnipeg!

It's another Winnipeg Wednesday!

It’s really simple: just plan something sweet for your friends, family, co-workers, neighbours (or a total stranger!) and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #KindWPG.

Make sure to say you’re coming to our Facebook event, invite your friends, and print & put up a poster: it’ll help spread kindness all over Winnipeg on June 22!

It's another Winnipeg Wednesday!

One Night for Winnipeg

One Night for Winnipeg free concert at the Forks.

We’re better together! Celebrate the Winnipeg we all make possible together at a big, free community concert at the Forks! 6:30-9:00pm on Wednesday, June 24.

Rock out at the Forks for the fourth #WPGWED!

What could be more Winnipeg?

Gather the whole family and make your way down to Festival Stage at the Forks. Join us from 6:30pm to 9:00pm on Wednesday, June 24 for some of Winnipeg’s hottest acts, and celebrate everything that makes Winnipeg such an amazing place to live, work and play!

See all the amazing Winnipeg acts who are playing One Night for Winnipeg!

There’s more than just the great local music, too, including hosts Ace Burpee and Rosanna Deerchild leading us all as we try to set a world record for the most people drumming together at once!

Want to help out?

RSVP to our Facebook event & help spread the word!

Download the poster, print it out & put it up somewhere visible!

Red Tables, a meal with a message.

The second Winnipeg Wednesday, Red Tables, embodied the core United Way idea that we must hear everyone’s voice so we can figure out our problems together—listening to new perspectives, dreaming up creative solutions, and drawing on everyone’s gifts.

The Red Table is a chance for people who don’t know each other—but who all have valuable perspectives & experiences—to share a meal and talk about their vision for the future of our community.

Red Table questions.

These are the 4 questions we asked Winnipeggers to think about.

We held a Red Table Luncheon and Secret Dinner, and groups across the city held their own versions of a Red Table.

See photos of the day on Facebook.

Hoping to go further than just inspiring renewed activism towards a stronger community, we also collected the ideas from each Red Table and are sorting through them—there’s so many great perspectives! This is the kind of real community input that guides United Way’s work.

Beyond the amazing conversations that happened at our Red Tables, we were delighted to see Winnipeggers take the idea and run with it. Ace Burpee hosted a Red Table at Marketburger, West Broadway Community Ministry held one at their drop-in, agency partners Ma Mawi and the YMCA-YWCA cohosted with community members, and a group of educators led by Brooklands Principal Rex Ferguson-Baird did a restaurant-crawl style event, answering a different question at each stop.

Thank you for celebrating this Winnipeg Wednesday with us, Winnipeg. We’re endlessly inspired by your ideas.

Thank you MTS for sponsoring the Red Table Luncheon. Thanks MTS Future First and PMC Insurance for sponsoring the Secret Dinner. Thanks to Shut Ur Pie Hole, Cornel Crème, Little Sister Coffee, Bronuts, Kal Barteski, The Christmas Light Guys, and Yes/Oui Productions for supporting the Secret Dinner.

Red Table Luncheon

Red Table Luncheon

 Let’s talk about a better Winnipeg!

United Way’s Red Table Luncheon is a chance to hear ideas from all across the city on how Winnipeg can become the kind of place we all want to call home.

In the tradition of pop-up events, we are keeping the location a secret! WE’ll notify you the day before the event with all the details. In the meantime, here’s a hint: bring your sunglasses!

Capacity is limited. Get your ticket today to secure your spot. Please RSVP by June 1.

Phone: 204-942-4266

What does a better Winnipeg look like?

It’s Red Table Day—a day to come together and talk over a meal about how we can make Winnipeg better!

Today United Way is asking Winnipeggers to “start a conversation that matters” with four questions that explore opinions and ideas for a better Winnipeg while breaking bread with co-workers, friends and family.

Beautiful Winnipeg.

Photo by Melissa Tait / Winnipeg Free Press.

The initiative, called Red Tables, is part of Winnipeg Wednesdays—United Way’s 50th anniversary celebration happening throughout June.

“There’s an old saying that goes ‘You have a dollar and I have a dollar. If we trade, we’re no better off. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we trade, now we each have two ideas and are both the richer for it,’” says Ayn Wilcox, past board chair of United Way of Winnipeg and current chair of its 50th anniversary steering committee.

For generations now, through adversity and opportunity, Winnipeggers have believed in the power of coming together to share ideas. It is a concept that forges connections, enriches understanding, deepens trust and encourages cooperation.

It also a belief held by local leader Michael Redhead Champagne. For more than three years he has been making room for conversations about peace, non-violence, community, and the sacred value of youth every Friday at Meet Me at the Bell Tower.

Meet Me At The Bell Tower

Michael Champagne brings people together to talk about a better Winnipeg at Meet Me at the Bell Tower every Friday at 6 p.m. Photo by Greg Littlejohn.

“Bell Tower encourages conversation and creates a space to hear from people who are often silent. We discuss the issues in our neighbourhood, and share ideas on how we can improve them.”

Champagne says the approach is having an impact. “You can feel the camaraderie, the sense of neighbours looking out for each other. It builds confidence, and the belief that together we can create the community we want to live in.”

The concept of sharing ideas and knowledge is at the core of United Way of Winnipeg.

“Winnipeggers had a vision for a better Winnipeg, and when they came together to share their ideas on how to make that happen it led to the creation of  United Way of Winnipeg in 1965,” says Wilcox. “United Way is an organization driven by the vision and ideas of Winnipeggers with many different perspectives and experiences. Red Tables is a way to celebrate this and encourage more voices to join the conversation.”

Participants in Red Tables are also invited to share their ideas and perspectives afterwards with United Way, who will provide a report back to the community later in 2015.

Conscious kindness, like a wave washing over Winnipeg.

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Our first Winnipeg Wednesday was amazing.

Winnipeggers were overwhelmingly on board with the idea to plan, pledge, and carry out acts of conscious kindness. There were 1666 pledges on our Kindness website to do something kind.

Good intentions ripple like a wave across our community. You never know when the smallest kind action will make the biggest difference in someone’s day…or in their life.

Wonderful synergies emerged. Kal Barteski’s kind donation of brushscript beneath Botanical Paperworks’ lovely seed-laced confetti. RBC cleaning up the downtown in honour of clean water. George Waters Middle School, Vincent Massey Collegiate, H C Avery Middle School, Garden City Collegiate—if we start to name them all we’ll surely leave someone out, and every single one of them was important—indeed critical.

The ideas and beautiful thoughts that emerged on this day bind Winnipeggers together in a community so caring that we’re proud to be its United Way.

Thank you for a wonderful day.