A special day of (self) caring.

A United Way Day of Caring can take many forms, including a special day of pampering!

Hosted at the NorWest Co-op Community Health Centre by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, the March 11 Day of Caring brightened up the lives of 39 low-income women.

Pampering took the form of a new hair style and manicures, provided courtesy of instructors and students from Scientific Marvel School of Beauty.

2015 Women's Day of Caring2015 Women's Day of Caring

The women also enjoyed jewelry and goodie bags filled with toiletries and makeup, all donated by WRHA staff. Lunch was provided by Costco, and Frontier College donated raffle baskets and books for the ladies. Volunteers from the Health Sciences Centre also helped make the day special.

2015 Women's Day of Caring

In a WRHA newsletter Jan Murowski writes that they “have had many positive comments from the ladies who attended and they truly look forward to this event every year. Thank you once again for your generosity and for making a difference in their lives!”

Jan Murowski of the WRHA signs up some of the deserving ladies pampered at the Day of Caring

Jan Murowski of the WRHA signs up some of the deserving ladies pampered at the Day of Caring


instructors and students from Scientific Marvel School of Beauty helped brighten up the lives of 39 low-income women.

instructors and students from Scientific Marvel School of Beauty helped brighten up the lives of 39 low-income women.

NorWest Co-op Community Health Centre, a United Way non-profit agency partner, engages the Inkster community in co-operative health and wellness with a vision of letting people take control of their health. Together they are helping make Winnipeg a better place for us all!

A little nailpolish creates a lot of smiles at the Women’s Day of Caring

A little bit of nailpolish and a lot of caring.

A neighbourhood woman is treated to a manicure

That’s what makes the Women’s Day of Caring, a partnership of the WRHA and NorWest Coop Community Health, something that women in their neighbourhood look forward to for the whole year. On April 4, the women were given a day where they could be treated like queens and refresh their spirits with simple pleasures like a haircut, a manicure, and a chance to pick out some clothes.

“I get phone calls about it in January from the women about it – so they can be put on a list already. They know about it, and they so look forward to it,”says Caprice Kehler of NorWest. “They tell me it’s so good just to have a little break.”

This year, after their visits with hairdressers and estheticians had given the women’s spirits a lift, photographers from Kelly Anne Photography and Soni Images Video & Photography came to take beauty portraits. “They’re so shy to get them done at first, but when the portraits come back and the women come in to see them, it’s amazing to see their faces,” says Kehler. “Because in those photos, they feel good and look good, and it shows.”

That’s the difference a little bit of caring can make.

Thanks to the WRHA and Nor’West, Salon Professional Academy for providing haircuts, the estheticians of Scientific Marvel, clothing donors WRHA and Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Costco for providing food, and the photographers who captured the smiles the day put on women’s faces.

Jersey Day at WRHA


WRHA Employees on Jersey Day

Just about everyone in Winnipeg was celebrating when the lockout ended and the Jets came back. But the team at the Winnipeg Regional Heath Authority did more than just celebrate, they saw an opportunity!

Knowing just how much everyone loved their Jets, Jersey Day plans immediately got rolling! By buying a $2 “I’m Dressed This Way for United Way” sticker, explains Jan Murowski of the WRHA, fans could sport their favourite team’s jersey for a day at the office. “We just thought it would be a great win-win idea!” she said. Offices all over the city got on board, including Grace Hospital, HSC, Pan Am Clinic, and many more! Thanks WRHA – and go Jets go!

WRHA Jersey Day for United Way

What difference does a day make?

Sheila Bachyrsky lives on a tight budget. For her, even a haircut is a luxury she can’t afford.

So when United Way agency partner Nor’West Co-op Community Health Centre teamed up with WRHA, Edward Carriere and Capelli Academy for a Day of Caring, she was so excited she couldn’t sleep the night before.

What difference does a day make? We think her smile says it all.