A garden of their own.

GenNexters recently got involved in a Day of Caring to make the North End Women’s Centre (NEWC) a brighter place to be.

The Selkirk Avenue centre helps women and their families end cycles of poverty, abuse, and dependency through transitional housing, counselling and a wide variety of programs and support services.

North End Women's Centre bench.

North End Women’s Centre bench, with an important motto.

The Day of Caring involved weeding, mowing, and landscaping of the centre’s backyard and raised garden beds – an area that provides centre visitors with a tranquil space.

“The yard was full of weed and tall grasses and when it was over it wasn’t looking very good,” says Jaki Skye, health and wellness coordinator at NEWC.

GenNext Day of Caring at North End Women's Centre.

“It’s a quiet green space, especially for the women who are living in our housing.” 

One volunteer said women at the centre came outside during the work to express their gratitude at seeing the space transformed.

Jaki said herbs, spices, and fresh vegetables from the garden will be used in nutritional programming, as well as a “weekly whole foods lunch program” which provides meals for people in the community and the centre’s drop-in program. 

Working in the green space at North End Women's Centre. Working in the green space at North End Women's Centre.

“They are able to forage in the garden…they’re also able to just have a place to sit out and be in a calm space. It’s a nice, gentle energy to be sitting in.” 

Since 1984 NERC has been helping women and families with a vision of putting women in charge of their own lives and a mission to provide women with “support, knowledge, and opportunity as they move forward on their journey towards independence and healthier lifestyle.”

GenNexters will be performing Days of Caring at a variety of essential Winnipeg agencies each month. Why not learn more and to get involved?

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