50 years: The heart and soul of Winnipeg hope.

2015 marks United Way’s 50th year in our community. Over the next few months we’ll celebrate with a look back at the people, the achievements, and the spirit that makes us all Winnipeggers.

Taken a the Canadian Pacific Railyards in 1965, United Way's first Board Chair George T. Richardson stands with inaugural Campaign Chair William Palk.

Taken at the Canadian Pacific Rail Yards in 1965, United Way of Winnipeg’s first Board Chair, George T. Richardson, stands with inaugural Campaign Chair William Palk.

“It was to inspire our neighbours to respond more generously than ever before to the human needs around us.

…So that children would be rehabilitated, pain would be eased, hope would be recaptured and distress would be comforted…

Our victory returned to the heart and soul of Winnipeg hope, spirit, pride and person-to-person responsibility. We proved that there is no limit to the generosity of the people who live in this great city.”

—William L. Palk, Vice President, Campaign and Public Relations
1965 United Way Annual Report

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