A little love and attention make a big difference to all children.

A Day of Caring is always a special event, but this weekend at Marymound School made a real difference for some children who really deserve something special in their lives.

It was a “Day of Pampering” for children who attend Marymound School, both boys and girls—some who live in residence, some in group homes, and some in foster care.

Marymound Day of Caring

The children don’t get to go shopping very often, so this was a chance for them to get some new things to wear and focus on themselves. They “shopped til they dropped” from donated items, and picked out one or two huge bags of clothing each.

One of the youngest children—just 11 years old—really touched our hearts when she said that she had been in foster care since she was a baby, and that “this was the best day of her life!” She was so excited with everything she chose, including lots of items that she wanted to give to her friends.

We had a great partnership with Wade Chessman at Har Studio / Scinn Studio on Main St. who brought three of his stylists and an aesthetician. They cut and styled hair, added colored extensions, waxed and shaped eyebrows, did manicures, and really interacted well with the kids.  This was their first Day of Caring and we appreciate their time.

Donations to an event like this are so greatly appreciated because they’re very exciting to the people who receive them. Huge thanks to the donors, volunteers, pizza-providers, event organizers, drivers, and everyone who helped sort clothing on Friday at Marymound—it really takes a lot of people to pull off such a special event.

A special thanks to those who contributed clothing, jewellery and other items to this event. It was greatly appreciated by the children who attend Marymound.

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