Our agency partners

We are there for every person who lives in Winnipeg. We don’t look the other way. We don’t back down, and we don’t leave people behind.

Map of agency partners

This is the essential network that your donations make possible.

United Way donors provide sustained, core and program funding to over 100 local nonprofit agencies, which remain open and available to provide much-needed help to our friends, families, co-workers, and even ourselves—thanks to Winnipegger’s generosity.

Our volunteers and staff make change in our community by helping develop agency capacity, evaluate their programs, and enhance their success, so they can deliver the best programming possible.

See the agency partners supported by United Way donors:

Volunteer oversight from the community makes our agencies stronger.

Almost 100 United Way Agency Liaison Volunteers spend thousands of hours each year reviewing and evaluating the impact and outcomes of United Way agency partners.

With their help, our agencies provide the best possible services for our community while also maintaining effective and efficient operations.

“We give personal guidance and help with resources and support to the agencies. It’s been fantastic. I’ve learned so much about all the different agencies—what they do, how they work, why they’re important—I wish I could volunteer with all of them!”

—Jennifer Temmer
Agency Liaison Volunteer for five years

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