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In Winnipeg every child matters. Every child deserves a chance to succeed in school & every opportunity to succeed in life.

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Laying the foundation for lifelong success

Children are the future of Winnipeg. As a community, we can make sure kids are set up to succeed from their earliest years, laying the groundwork so they can begin school ready to learn, and finish school ready to take on the world.

Stable support for our community

young Winnipeggers helped last year
youth-serving agencies
counselling & crisis intervention programs
leadership & mentoring programs

Going further to help even more kids

Expanded youth mental health supports

Mental health awareness & intervention pilot with 450 student, with a planned expansion.

More mentoring opportunities for at-risk youth

Assisting 30 youth to exit or avoid gang involvement. Bringing mentoring organizations together in a network.

Why it matters in Winnipeg

1 in 4 kids in Winnipeg lives in poverty.

Too many of our kids are failing to complete their education or develop positive life skills, leaving them fewer opportunities to lead a full and productive life.

Suicide & mental health disorders are more common in low-income areas of Winnipeg.

Neglect due to poverty, including not having enough food to eat, can lead kids to be removed from their families.

10,000+ kids in Manitoba are in care.

Being in care can set kids up for a lifetime of challenges. By kindergarten, twice as many kids in care are considered “not ready” for school than the general population. Only 1/3 of kids who spend time in care graduate from high school on time.

Almost 50% of homeless Winnipeggers surveyed had been in care as children.

Only 50% of kids are entering school ready to learn in our poorest neighbourhoods; up to 40% are not graduating.

Youth in our poorest neighbourhoods are more likely to drop out of school, continuing the cycle of poverty.

But youth have a 75% better chance of graduating university with a mentor’s guidance.

1 in 4 Winnipeggers age 10+ has a diagnosed mood or anxiety disorder.

Mental health challenges can be disruptive to a child’s development, and can have long term repercussions on relationships, school, and job prospects if not treated.

Kids experiencing poor mental health are more likely to become involved in crime—either as the accused or the victim.

Poor mental health is correlated with higher rates of homelessness, going into CFS care, family use of social assistance & social housing.

Less than 1 in 4 kids who need mental health support actually get it.

80% of people with diagnosed mental health issues are able to better manage at home, school, work, and in the community once they receive help.

How we’re changing lives

To help kids in Winnipeg grow up to be their very best, your donations to United Way are invested in programs and projects that will prepare them for kindergarten and give them a safe place to go after school to play, learn, and just be a kid. United Way invests in early education, mentoring, counselling, out-of-school programs, and mental health supports to help put kids in Winnipeg on a path to succeed in school and in life.

Ready for school, ready for life

The early years set the trajectory for life – a child who starts school without the skills they need to learn may never catch up or reach their full potential.

Through innovative social initiatives like the Winnipeg Boldness Project and partnerships in early childhood care, development and education, United Way is working to dramatically improve outcomes for children in Winnipeg.

Ready for school, ready for life - United Way Winnipeg
More Youth Mentors - United Way Winnipeg

More Youth Mentors

Mentoring can be a real game changer. Strong relationships between youth and caring adults are critical to youth development, resiliency, and the ability to make positive life choices.

That’s why as part of our Community Plan for A Better Winnipeg, United Way has committed to providing 1800 more youth with mentorship.

Critical hours

Time spent outside school is as crucial to childhood development as time spent in the classroom.

That’s why your donations to United Way are invested in homework clubs, afterschool programs, summer learning camps and many other activities that keep vulnerable kids safe and off the streets during the critical hours when they are not in school.

Critical hours - United Way Winnipeg

Your donations helped these Winnipeg kids.

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