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All That Kids Can Be


Today’s kids are tomorrow’s leaders. Let’s help young Winnipeggers get a great start in life, do well in school, and reach their full potential so our whole community thrives.

The challenge

Every child deserves a bright future. But thousands of young Winnipeggers face enormous barriers interfering with their dreams.

More Manitoban kids live in poverty than any other province. Too few of our youth are finishing school. Too many are struggling with mental health and not getting the right support.

But we can change all that. By mobilizing the power of caring communities, we can help ignite the potential of kids and youth so they can take on the world.

The reality in Winnipeg


of kids in Manitoba live in poverty


children are in government care in Manitoba


of homeless Winnipeggers were in foster care as kids

Only 1/3

of kids who spend time in care graduate from high school on time


is the leading cause of death for kids age 10-14 in Canada

<1 in 4

kids who need mental health support actually get it

You can help kids be all they can be

What’s one of the best ways to invest in Winnipeg’s future? By supporting the young people who live here.

Together, we can make sure help and the right opportunities are always there, from early childhood to young adulthood. And by helping kids build the foundation for a lifetime of success, we’re strengthening our community for generations to come.

How are we helping?

Our donors help youth reach for brighter futures by supporting:

youth-serving agencies

counselling and crisis intervention programs

out-of-school and summer programs

leadership and mentoring programs

mental health youth hubs

Early child development

A child's earliest years provide the building blocks for success.

With your gift, you’re offering kids their best beginnings with early childhood care, development, and education initiatives, helping them be ready for school and life.

Out-of-school learning

Every child deserves a safe place to go and the tools to succeed.

You help make that possible at dozens of out-of-school programs across our city. From homework clubs to summer camps, your gift means kids can develop critical life skills, boost their confidence, and find belonging.

Mentoring & leadership development

It’s a game-changer when kids have a trusted adult in their life.

Someone who believes in them and helps them overcome adversity. That’s why our donors make sure vulnerable kids have the guidance of a mentor, so they’re more likely to make positive life choices, graduate from university, and become leaders in their community.

Mental health & well-being

Too often, youth face hurdles keeping them from the help they desperately need.

But you can give them a clear path forward. School-based workshops, counselling programs, and residential care are a few ways our donors invest in culturally relevant, inclusive, stigma-busting supports so no young Winnipegger struggles alone.

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