Assets for a better life


Glory Charlic and her family

This is me with my family. Thank you for helping me give them a better life and hope for our future.

My name is Glory. I am from Burma. I left when I was 7 years old and spent 17 years in a refugee camp in Thailand. It’s where I met my husband Bayther and raised my four children. It was very difficult to live there, because you can’t leave the camp or else the police will arrest you. I came to Canada at the end of 2007.

I have been involved with the asset building program at Immigrant Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) since 2009. I purchased a computer and paid for my daughter’s education at Red River College with the money I saved. Now that my daughter goes to school, she is also able to use the computer to do her homework. She is studying to be an accountant and I feel very confident that she will be successful.

To put the money in the account was easy. Before I learned about banking, I was afraid because of my language – how they would understand, and how to open the right account. Back then, these language barriers made it difficult, but when I took the program, it helped me to understand. The support I had in the program also made it easier.

I was helped very much by the money management training. I started to manage my money, and I started to shop smart. Before, I didn’t do budgets, and it was hard to save. Now, I know I need to follow my budgeting. In that way, it helped me to learn how to save more.

I am now very hopeful about the future. I know that I can continue saving for my other children’s education using the tricks that I have learned. After the asset building programs ended, I was also able to train through the child care program for better empIoyment. Now I am working full time and no longer need Employment Income Assistance.

I want to thank IRCOM, United Way and people in Winnipeg for helping me give my family a better life.

-Glory Charlic


If you haven’t donated to United Way, please consider it this year. Your gift – no matter the amount, will make a difference for Glory’s family and hundreds of others.