Believe in Winnipeg!


Ace BurpeeFrom the first time I heard Take Me to the Pilot’s “Green Eyes” I knew it had a greater purpose. I mean it. It was just so brilliant and perfect. I always told myself that if there was ever an opportunity to use it for a good cause I would jump at it.

So… I sit down with some of my United Way friends one day and topic of a new campaign video comes up.

It was meant to be.

I wanted that song more than anything else in the world. It’s the perfect message. I then thought of some of the brilliant speakers I’ve had the pleasure of hearing tell their stories on behalf of the United Way over the years. I asked a few to share their powerful message with us, and boom, we had a video. Winnipeg in all its beauty served as our backdrop for I hope will be an impactful and uplifting video.

Be well.

– Ace Burpee


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