Big Brothers Big Sisters teach kids the joy of giving

We’ve all heard that it’s better to give than receive – and for more than 10 years, Rudolph’s Red Tag Sale has been giving kids the opportunity to experience that joy for themselves.

The sale is run every year as a Day of Caring at agency partner Big Brothers Big Sisters. Companies from around Winnipeg collect items that can be used as gifts – everything from purses to neckties, jewellery, vases, books and baseballs – and bring them to BBBS.

Didn’t see toys on that list? There’s a reason. The auction is a chance to the kids of BBBS to feel  the joy of giving by buying something all on their own to give their families, Big Brothers or Sisters, teachers, mentors, or someone else special in their life.

Volunteers come in to sort and price the items from a penny up to a quarter. And on holiday party day, hundreds come streaming through the doors – Little Brothers and Sisters with their families, Bigs and Littles together. The adults are ushered upstairs while the kids get to go shopping all on their own.

“The kids really get that feeling of pride, feeling that “I bought something,” ” says Andrea Gantzel, Director of Development at BBBS. “They’re so excited and thrilled to be able to shop for their families and their Bigs and give a gift they got themselves.”

Volunteer pre-wrap empty boxes, so gifts can be wrapped right then & there and hidden from the eyes of family and Bigs upstairs at the holiday party.

Happy holidays to everyone, and thank you to all the companies and volunteers who participated this year: CIBC, MPI, Grain Insurance & Guarantee, and the Sponsored Executive alumni!

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