Big, possibly heavy changes at Plane Pull 12!

It had to happen sometime. The DC9 has been retired!

Planning—and planing—has begun for Plane Pull 2015, an extra special event because this is United Way’s 50th anniversary in Winnipeg.


And now, with news of the retirement of our beloved “fun pull” DC9 aircraft, we’re dreaming up something heavy for this year’s pull on September 18. That’s all we can say for now; you’ll have to come pull to see what it might be!

It’ll be hard to top last year’s Plane Pull 11, which set amazing new records for both participation and fundraising.

DLittle Photo Dec 4 2014 0068 (3)

Sponsored Executives at their “graduation,” including MTS’ Angela Casey, far right, the overall top fundraiser at Plane Pull 2014.

Angela Casey from MTS, one of our many valued Sponsored Executives, personally raised $1035 for the event, going far above and beyond her already busy schedule! It’s dedication and enthusiasm like that that makes Plane Pull so much fun and so important in the work towards a better Winnipeg.

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