Caring chiropractors give 1458 Winnipeg kids a good night’s sleep.

It’s the kind of pile that makes you get a tear in your eye & a warm feeling in your heart.

The Manitoba Chiropractors Association partnered with United Way to collect mountains of fleece and flannel for kids whose families are struggling with issues like poverty, food security, and mental or physical illness.

Caring Chiropractor's Pyjama Pile

Together, 23 offices collected 1458 pyjama pairs – almost tripling last year’s total and surpassing our goal of 1000! If you stacked all these jammies on top of each other, they’d tower 180′ in the air, and keep you warm for almost 4 years of consecutive sleeps!

Among the recipients: families in low income situations who rely on United Way-supported resource centres in neighbourhoods throughout Winnipeg, including:

  • Woodydell Family Resource Centre
  • St. Anne’s Family Resource Centre
  • Immigrant and Refugee Centre of Manitoba (IRCOM)
  • Andrews Street Family Centre
  • Villa Rosa
  • North End Women’s Centre
  • West Broadway Youth Outreach
  • Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre
  • Elmwood Community Resource Centre

Jammie Drive keeps kids cosy!

Congratulations Rivergrove Chiropractic!

The team at Rivergrove collected the most jammies (216 pairs) and qualified for a free lunch courtesy of the Manitoba Chiropractors Association. Instead of claiming their prize, however, the office generously opted to donate the cash equivalent to help even more Winnipeggers this holiday. Way to go Rivergrove!

Love Your City

A special thank you…

…to Suzanne Stitt and A Natural Wellness Chiropractic Centre for starting this drive five years ago. Your vision and leadership have inspired chiropractic offices and others to get involved and make a difference in our community.

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