Collection Drive

Organize a donation drive for the supplies our agency partners need to do their important work.

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Host a Collection Drive and connect your workplace to the community

A Collection Drive is a unique opportunity to make a very tangible difference for people right here in Winnipeg.

We match your workplace with a United Way Winnipeg agency partner that needs items to better serve their clients, and your co-workers rally to gather the items for them. You can choose to focus on a need that meets your organization’s vision for a better Winnipeg.

You’re not only contributing to local community development when you run a Collection Drive, you’re bringing your workplace together. It’s a positive bond that shows your team really cares about our city.

Donations of goods go to people who need them. Our agency partners are able to offer better experiences and more help to our fellow Winnipeggers, thanks to you.

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Why host a collection drive?

  • It's meaningful.

    Knowing that you’ve made a genuine difference in someone’s life by the simple act of collecting supplies inspires gratitude, community spirit, and a sense of accomplishment.

  • It's hands-on.

    Pulling together to provide tangible help—real-life supplies that make a difference—gives employees a chance to work together in new ways and feel more connected to our community.

  • It's informative.

    You’ll learn more about our city’s biggest challenges and how we can work together for a better Winnipeg.

What kind of things could you collect?

Our agency partners need a variety of items to help their participants.

Art supplies

Blankets, bedding, towels

School supplies

Baby supplies, diapers, formula

Toys, puzzles, books

Sports gear

Self-care & hygiene products

Household furniture

Non-perishable food

Kitchen essentials

Holiday hampers

New gifts for a holiday party


Gift wrapping supplies

Winter outerwear

Let’s start planning!

We can help match you with an agency and project that meets your organization’s needs and contributes to your corporate social responsibility goals.

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