Conscious kindness, like a wave washing over Winnipeg.

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Our first Winnipeg Wednesday was amazing.

Winnipeggers were overwhelmingly on board with the idea to plan, pledge, and carry out acts of conscious kindness. There were 1666 pledges on our Kindness website to do something kind.

Good intentions ripple like a wave across our community. You never know when the smallest kind action will make the biggest difference in someone’s day…or in their life.

Wonderful synergies emerged. Kal Barteski’s kind donation of brushscript beneath Botanical Paperworks’ lovely seed-laced confetti. RBC cleaning up the downtown in honour of clean water. George Waters Middle School, Vincent Massey Collegiate, H C Avery Middle School, Garden City Collegiate—if we start to name them all we’ll surely leave someone out, and every single one of them was important—indeed critical.

The ideas and beautiful thoughts that emerged on this day bind Winnipeggers together in a community so caring that we’re proud to be its United Way.

Thank you for a wonderful day.