Costco goes all in

Costco East Winnipeg #153 reached 100% participation in their 2012 United campaignWhat does it take to have every single person in a workplace give to their United Way campaign? According to Tracy Boyer, Co-Employee Campaign Chair of Costco East Winnipeg #153, all it takes is a giving spirit and a bit of education on what United Way does. And they have both.

Tracy’s Costco location has been running a United Way campaign since they opened just over 20 years ago. She has led their fundraising efforts several times.

“It’s the kids,” she says. “It’s all about them for me. They don’t deserve to be in the situations many of them find themselves in. They deserve to have a safe place to go, before and after school. They deserve a second chance.”

It’s knowing that she’s helping those kids find a safe place to go that keeps Tracy involved, speaking to every person she can to educate them on United Way-supported programs that help kids be all they can be. And her enthusiasm and generosity are shared by her fellow employees. This year, for the second time, an incredible 100% of them chipped in to support the campaign.

A big thank you to the generous team at Costco East Winnipeg #153 for your support!

Are you interested in raising money for United Way in your workplace? Contact our Campaign Director, Colleen Kuchnicki (204-924-4231 or to learn more!

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