This year, your donation can be DOUBLED

to help even more
Winnipeggers in need

New Donor?

Gifts up to $365 will be doubled.

Already a Donor?

Increases up to $365 will be matched, too!

Match supported by Kristie Pearson, Doug Pollard, and the Pollard Family Foundation.

How your dollars make a difference

$1 A PAYCHEQUE, or a $26 annual gift, offers:

  • self-care and hygiene items for a woman fleeing an abusive situation, offering comfort and dignity in difficult times.

  • art supplies for a children’s art workshop to help kids work through challenges in a healthy, creative way.

  • English language classes for a newcomer to help them feel more at home.

$5 A PAYCHEQUE, or a $130 annual gift, gives:

  • emergency meals for Winnipeggers experiencing homelessness.

  • a mentor, so children have a trusted ally to help navigate life, learn skills, and spark growth.

  • transportation for two families to take care of critical tasks.

$1 A DAY, or a $365 annual gift, offers:

  • beds for a family whose kids have been sleeping on the floor.

  • regular companion visits throughout the year for an isolated older adult, to play cards, read, and visit together.

  • training for a volunteer to prepare and file tax returns, setting low-income Winnipeggers on a path of financial empowerment.