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From Poverty to Possibility

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Can you imagine a Winnipeg without hunger and homelessness? So can we. Together, we can help Winnipeggers break the cycle of poverty and reach their potential, making our whole community stronger.

The challenge

Skyrocketing housing costs. Rapid inflation. Stagnant incomes. It’s the perfect storm for poverty, driving even more Winnipeggers to food banks and homeless shelters. The need in our community is constant. But so is our commitment to a better Winnipeg. With your help, we can make sure nobody is left behind.

The reality in Winnipeg

1 in 8

Winnipeggers live in poverty

Almost 1 in 5

kids in Winnipeg live in households struggling to put food on the table

Nearly 40%

of Manitobans with a disability are unemployed


of Winnipeg’s population is Indigenous, but 16% are in poverty


Winnipeggers are homeless

You can help more Winnipeggers move from poverty to possibility.

A job, a home, a sense of belonging—we all want to meet our basic needs so we can thrive.

We tackle poverty from all angles and at every level. It’s not about giving hand-outs—it’s about offering the right supports so Winnipeggers can become self-sufficient for the long haul.

Thanks to your generosity, we’re investing in these opportunities so everyone can have a brighter future.

How are we helping?

Our donors help Winnipeggers on their way out of poverty by supporting:

Family resource centres

It can be isolating when your family is struggling to meet basic needs. At family resource centres across our city, Winnipeggers can build trusting relationships while accessing help like emergency food, hygiene supplies, laundry services, and vocational training—all in a warm, caring, and culturally sensitive environment.

Employment & financial stability

With a steady income and the tools for success, people can escape poverty and build stronger futures for themselves and their families. Your generosity offers Winnipeggers support to overcome barriers, find jobs, manage expenses, and grow assets for long-term stability.

Ending hunger

No Winnipegger should have to choose between food or rent. From community gardens and food banks to school breakfast programs and nutritious cooking classes, you can help nourish Winnipeggers and improve their quality of life.

Housing supports

It’s hard to get ahead in life without the basics like shelter. You can make sure Winnipeggers have an affordable, safe, and stable place to live, while also supporting long-term solutions to homelessness.

Social enterprise

Our agency partners know innovation is key to tackling poverty. Your gift supports agencies with social enterprises—from restaurants to retail shops—so Winnipeggers facing employment barriers can enhance their skills, gain work experience, and earn a steady income.

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