From poverty to possibility.

Without the basic necessities, life becomes a daily struggle to survive. A place to call home, a job and a sense of belonging are basic needs we all want for ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbours.

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Providing hope & the tools for success

A thriving community is one where everyone has an opportunity to earn a living, support a family, and live with pride, confidence, dignity and achievement. When we help people support themselves and maintain stability for their families, we lift our entire community to a better place.

Stable support for our community

Winnipeggers helped
financial empowerment agencies
asset building, money management & financial inclusion programs
life & employment skills and social enterprise programs

Going further to help more families out of poverty

Enhanced financial empowerment initiatives

Networking 19 community partners together to reduce poverty and improve financial well-being.

What matters in Winnipeg.

1 in 10

Winnipeggers live in poverty,
including 1 in 5 children.

Poverty is a root cause of dropping out of high school, poor physical & mental health, joblessness, homelessness, crime & violence and neighbourhood decline.

1500 people

are homeless in our city on
any given night.

People experiencing homelessness have an average lifespan 7 to 10 years less than the general population.

Almost 1/2

of homeless people spent
time in care as a child.

One-third of homeless people who spent time in care as a child have children in care themselves, perpetuating an intergenerational cycle of homelessness & poverty.


said low income is a barrier
to finding housing.

Manitoba has lost about 5000 affordable housing units due to expired operating grants in the last few years. With thousands more approaching their expiry dates, the supply of affordable housing may decrease even further.

Employment is one of the most important ways people in low-income situations can improve their well-being—but there are multiple barriers to them getting & keeping work.

How we’re changing lives

To help Winnipeg families plan for & earn a brighter future, your donations to United Way are invested in money management and matched savings programs, financial counselling, social enterprise and employment training programs that help people build their assets for long-term stability.

Creating job opportunities.

Your donations support programs that equip unemployed or underemployed Winnipeggers with the tools and knowledge to find and keep jobs to support their families.

This includes skills training, career guidance and employment services.

Creating job opportunities - United Way Winnipeg
Winnipeg Assetbuilders Partnership - United Way Winnipeg

Empower Manitoba (formerly Winnipeg Assetbuilders Partnership).

United Way collaborates with SEED Winnipeg, Assiniboine Credit Union and 10 agency partners to help people and families living in poverty save for life-changing assets like tuition, dental work, a computer and so much more.

Living on the Edge Poverty Simulation.

Groups from government, business, labour, education, healthcare and many other sectors get a glimpse into the lives, experiences and challenges faced by Winnipeggers living in poverty through a series of eye-opening, empathy-building role plays.

Living on the Edge Poverty Simulation - United Way Winnipeg Photo credit Phil Hossack / Winnipeg Free Press.
Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council - United Way Winnipeg

Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council.

A roundtable of community leaders working together to reduce poverty and its effect on Winnipeggers. WPRC‘s action plan outlines 10 aspirations for Winnipeg that will guide the council’s work until 2020. The first aspiration is achieving independence through income with an emphasis on Indigenous youth employment.

End Homelessness Winnipeg.

Launched in 2015, End Homelessness Winnipeg is a partnership between the City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and United Way. It embodies a plan to end homelessness in our city within the next 10 years.

End Homelessness Winnipeg - United Way Winnipeg

Your donations are helping these Winnipeggers out of poverty.

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