FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: We’re investing in Winnipeg’s Aboriginal-led nonprofits.

Nearly 10% of all Winnipeggers identify as First Nation, Inuit or Metis. United Way is proud to partner with 10 Aboriginal-led nonprofit organizations (PDF) in our community to help build a city that belongs to everyone.


Ka Ni Kanichihk, one of our current Aboriginal-led agency partners, offers a “culturally safe environment where the greatness and gifts of all peoples are honoured…where our cultural practices and values are practiced and Aboriginal people can “just be who we naturally are.”

This year, thanks to the incredible Campaign in 2013, we’re able to increase funding to these nonprofits—an additional $10,000 each so they can expand opportunities for Aboriginal people in Winnipeg to feel safe, to belong, to share and experience their culture, to be the voice of their communities.

And…we’re thrilled to announce even more funding is available for new partnerships with Aboriginal-led nonprofit organizations in Winnipeg.

We have an additional $100,00-$150,000 available for Aboriginal-led nonprofit agencies we don’t currently partner with, to strengthen their communities and their own capacities. All the details on how to apply are here.

The deadline is October 3; please share this opportunity.