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Collection Drives

Blankets and bedding. Puzzles and books. Shampoo and soap. Coats and mitts. Get together with your workplace or friends to gather household items—and make a tangible difference in Winnipeggers’ lives right now.

Hosting a Collection Drive at Work

The cost of household items is rising, and everyone in our community deserves to have the basics at home. Hosting a collection drive with your co-workers creates a memorable bond and a mutual understanding of what we can do to hold each other up in times of need.

We will match your workplace with a United Way Winnipeg agency partner. You and your colleagues will gather items that your organization’s clients are currently looking for, and together, you’ll be making a direct impact on people in our community.

Why host a collection drive?

It's meaningful.

Inspire gratitude, community spirit, and a sense of accomplishment among your team with the simple act of collecting supplies.

It's hands-on.

Connect to our community in a tangible way by working together with your colleagues. You will see and feel the real difference you’re making for others with each item that comes in.

It's informative.

Learn about current challenges and how we can all contribute today to build a stronger city for everyone that lives here.

What kinds of items to collect?

Art supplies

Blankets, bedding, towels

School supplies

Baby supplies, diapers, formula


Sports gear

Self-care & hygiene products

Household furniture

Non-perishable food

Kitchen essentials

Holiday hampers

New gifts for a holiday party


Gift wrapping supplies

Winter outerwear

Let’s get started!

Register your drive and we’ll match you with an agency to meet your organization’s community priorities and social responsibility goals.