Employee Survey

The best way to find out what issues are important to your employees is to ask!

We all want to feel like we’re making a difference, at home and at work. By engaging your teams with a United Way Winnipeg Employee Survey, you’ll learn what social responsibilities are important to your co-workers and determine which volunteer and learning opportunities will help them best contribute to the strength of our community.

You can also define your own organization’s social responsibility goals by understanding the priorities and passions of your colleagues.

It's meaningful.

Defining your employees’ social responsibility priorities will give you a launching pad to make purposeful change in our community.

It's hands-on.

Giving employees a place to be heard is a tangible way to connect to your social responsibility priorities.

It's informative.

You and your employees will learn a lot about yourselves and how your company can be involved in building a stronger, healthier city!

Let’s get started!