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Art Coulter Labour Community Service Award Criteria

Recognizing Outstanding Community Service

The Winnipeg Labour Council and United Way Winnipeg present the Art Coulter Labour Community Service Award in recognition of a trade unionist who has made outstanding contributions in the area of community service.

Who can make a nomination for this award?
A United Way Winnipeg agency partner, or member of United Way Winnipeg’s Board of Trustees, Campaign Cabinet, or a standing committee. A union member or union organization affiliated to the Canadian Labour Congress and the Winnipeg Labour Council.
The nominator must present in writing their reasons for the nomination and the nominee’s qualifications.

What criteria must the nominee meet?

The Nominee must be living or working in Winnipeg, be a member of a union affiliated to the Winnipeg Labour Council and meet some or all of the following criteria:

Has been active on committees, policy making or governing boards of community service and United Way Winnipeg agency partners.

Has been involved in educating other union members of the Winnipeg Labour Council’s partnership with United Way Winnipeg and its agency partners.

Has encouraged participation in and support for United Way Winnipeg and or its agency partners year-round.

Has helped raise public awareness of services provided by United Way Winnipeg agency partners; and the need for those services.

Has been active in promoting trade union principles and labour issues within the community.

What’s the selection process?

The selection Committee consists of five people, two representatives of the WLC, and two representatives of United Way Winnipeg and one representative from a United Way agency partner. The committee will review nominations based on the above criteria and determine the successful recipient.

No one involved in the selection process shall be eligible for the award during that year.