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Sponsored Campaign Associates

Sponsored Campaign Associates lead the way to a successful fundraising campaign!

Sponsored Campaign Associates bring energy and people power to organizing hundreds of United Way Winnipeg’s workplace campaigns across the city. With their professional talents and passion for making a difference, Sponsored Campaign Associates are a key component of our annual campaign and one of the ways we can fundraise so cost-effectively.

How do I become a Sponsored Campaign Associate?

Our Leadership Development Program brings together employees, on loan from employers, to United Way Winnipeg’s office for 14 weeks to become Sponsored Campaign Associates.

Sponsored Campaign Associates learn about our city’s challenges and the role we all play in building a healthier city for everyone who lives here. Professional training in project management, strategic analysis, public speaking, and more is all included, so you emerge with more robust leadership skills and capabilities as effective and efficient fundraisers.

What You’ll Gain as a Sponsored Campaign Associate

Advance your leadership skills

You’ll advance your team-building talents and management skills, and your ability to think on your feet.

Gain experience and training

You’ll receive training and hands-on experience in leadership, fundraising, event planning, project and time management, public speaking, sales, and strategic analysis.

Make community connections

You’ll meet and build relationships with other professionals like you who care about our city, including CEOs from some of Winnipeg’s most engaged workplaces.

Earn University of Manitoba accreditation

You’ll receive a credential from the University of Manitoba’s United Way Winnipeg Leadership Development Certificate Program.

Understand how We Are All Winnipeg

You’ll feel great about being part of a community that works together to support each other and makes sure everyone can find help when they need it most.

I’m an employer.

How will my company benefit by sharing employees as Sponsored Campaign Associates?

Create future leaders

Your employees bring back valuable skills in motivating teams, overcoming challenges, leading change, and much more.

Demonstrate your company’s social purpose

Your corporation’s commitment to social responsibility is expressed through your relationship with United Way Winnipeg.

Share your support of our city

Your company will be recognized in United Way Winnipeg communications to amplify your brand.

Inspire your employees

Your corporation’s commitment to social responsibility is expressed through your relationship with United Way Winnipeg.

What are the ways my company can stay involved?

  • Loan us one or more of your employees for 14 weeks.
  • Commit to supporting the Leadership Development Program.
  • Offer sponsorship so we can hire Sponsored Campaign Associates.