Having fun and giving back at Cigi

The Cigi chicken toss in action!

From rubber chicken throwing to selling pasta by the bag and chances to win half a day off, there were no creative stones left unturned at the Canadian International Grains Institute‘s United Way campaign this year.

The rubber chicken toss gets everyone smiling so much it’s become a bit of a tradition, explains Employee Campaign Chair Christey Allen. “We run it at the beginning of the campaign – people pay $2 per toss, stand at the far end of the room, and have to try to throw a rubber chicken into the bucket, and all the money raised goes to United Way.” It’s a surprisingly tricky feat to achieve, she added “Usually only one person every year can manage it and get the prize!”

But what made it a true success was the giving spirit of the Cigi employees “People are more than willing to help out,” said Allen. “With United Way, what’s great is there’s such a diverse range of ways they are involved in helping the community. It gives everyone something to connect to.”

Thanks Cigi!

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