Healthy people, strong communities.

Vibrant, safe and inclusive communities flourish when everyone has opportunities to access the help and resources they need close to home.

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Everyone deserves to belong in a compassionate, caring, inclusive community

Families are the heart of our community. When families are strong, our community is strong. Recent trends suggest more families than ever are struggling, and without real, positive change, mounting social and economic costs will place greater stress on our health, justice and social service sectors. That’s why it’s so important to create opportunities for people and families to connect, respect, learn from and support one another.

Stable support for our community

Winnipeggers helped
counselling & wellness programs
community development & neighbourhood safety programs
life skills & access-to-resources programs

Going further to help even more families

More opportunities for families to grow at family resource centres

Family resource centres are now open nearly 400 more hours per week, reporting 2,500 more client contacts.

What matters in Winnipeg

10,000+ kids in Manitoba are in care. Almost 90% of these children are Indigenous.

Kids who are apprehended often experience trauma and loss, in being separated from their parents and losing contact with their family, friends and community. This further places these kids at risk of negative outcomes.

1 in 7 Winnipeggers lives with a disability.

People with disabilities have poorer health outcomes, lower education achievements, less economic participation & higher rates of poverty than people without disabilities because of the barriers they face.

They’re more likely to experience food insecurity and inadequate housing due to the extra costs related to medical care, assistive devices, or the need for personal support and assistance.

42% of people with learning disabilities are unemployed—6 times more than the general population.

Limited space and funding restricts the number of hours neighbourhood family centres can be open (some as few as six hours per week), the number of programs families can access, and the number of families that can ultimately be helped.

Family resource centres make ordinary magic happen every day by responding to the unique needs of the neighbourhoods they serve. These centres offer essential programs for families in a safe, welcoming & nurturing environment, close to home. Providing for basic needs makes it possible for families to move beyond daily survival & focus on long-term success.

1 in 4 Winnipeggers age 10+ has a diagnosed mood or anxiety disorder.

Mental health can be very costly. The cost for in-patient treatment for depression in Manitoba is between $1500 and $11,000 per stay.

Good health is not possible without good mental health. Good mental health is associated with better physical health outcomes, improved educational attainment, increased economic participation and rich social relationships.

1700 people are homeless in Winnipeg on any given night.

It costs about $1000 per month for a homeless person to stay homeless when they only use a shelter. When emergency medical services & the justice system enter the picture, a single homeless person can cost taxpayers six figures per year.

How we’re changing lives

To make sure every family can be healthy, strong, and able to achieve their dreams, your donations are invested in community building, inclusion, neighbourhood safety, wellness, and healing, all across our city.

Neighbourhood family centres.

A network of 24 neighbourhood family centres support families struggling with poverty & other serious challenges by providing all the supports our community has to offer in a safe, welcoming environment close to home. From basic needs like a washing machine or phone, to positive changes through parenting classes, early childhood education, healthcare, kid’s activities, literacy & employment support—these wraparound services keep families strong. Community cupboards address food security while counselling helps with conflict resolution and addictions.

Community Goal: Help 2700 more families get help close to home at neighbourhood family centres.

Counselling, education & inclusive activities.

United Way donors support dozens of programs that help people become and stay resilient, strong and healthy. From grief and trauma counselling to nutrition, from inclusive sports programs to expression through art, we work to give our neighbours every chance at a positive life.

Seniors support.

Making sure seniors have the support they need to stay in their own homes longer, maintain their independence and stay connected to their community makes our city richer.

From delivering meals to offering meaningful activities & new friendships, our donors make sure senior Winnipeggers keep living life to the fullest.

Indigenous inclusion.

For more than a decade, our Council for Indigenous Relations has walked alongside United Way Winnipeg, stewarding the Indigenous Relations Strategy – created to strengthen relationships in the community by growing knowledge and understanding and involving Indigenous people in all aspects of our work. 

United Way donors invest almost $2 million each year in Indigenous-led nonprofits in Winnipeg.

Welcoming newcomers & refugees.

Learning English, finding a place to stay, navigating paperwork, securing a job & making friends. There’s a lot to learn when you’re new to Canada, and United Way donors make sure that newcomers and refugees find their feet and feel welcome in their new community.

Helping Winnipeg nonprofits work even smarter.

The main floor of our office is dedicated to a nonprofit Learning Centre, offering workshops & the chance to exchange knowledge, experience and resources that will help build capacity and enhance efficiency.

Board leadership, nonprofit management and frontline services all have opportunities to grow in our Learning Centre.

Day of Caring.

United Way’s Day of Caring program is a unique, rewarding way for employees to participate in meaningful hands-on volunteer projects at local non-profits where a little help can make a huge difference.

If your workplace would like to volunteer, send us an email.

Your donations are helping these Winnipeggers make their neighbourhoods better places to live.

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