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We tackle 100% local issues.

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September 23, 2023
September 15, 2023
Join us in person on Friday, September 15, when we will gather together to celebrate our accomplishments and officially begin our 2023 fundraising campaign!
  1. I want to…

    Help Winnipeggers find jobs

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  2. I want to…

    Help older adults thrive

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  3. I want to…

    Make sure every Winnipegger has a home

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  4. I want to…

    End youth homelessness

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  5. I want to…

    Put food on every table

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  6. I want to…

    Help Winnipeggers in crisis

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  7. I want to…

    Make sure every kid graduates

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  8. I want to…

    Celebrate diversity

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  9. I want to…

    Fuel inclusion

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