Introducing Peg, a way to measure change in Winnipeg.

United Way of Winnipeg and partner International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) are excited to launch Peg, an interactive website that helps us visualize and compare the data we have on how we’re doing as a city.

People trying out the Peg interactive community indicators website.

People trying out the Peg interactive community indicators website.

Peg is a “community indicators system.” It hosts information from lots of sources—government, nonprofit—and lets you track changes over time and compare different neighbourhoods.

What Are Community Indicators?

Caring about Winnipeg is important, but it’s not enough. Measuring our community’s health is the next step in making sure the work we all do is really making a difference.

Seeing the trends, knowing whether efforts are moving the needle on important social issues, can inspire us to try harder if things are working and change tactics if they’re not.

“To achieve positive, measurable change, decision making must be informed by credible data and relevant indicators.”
—International Institute for Sustainable Development

This kind of information transparency can help guide policymakers’ decisions, engage the community in working towards shared goals, and inform the work of nonprofits. It’s central to United Way of Winnipeg’s values.

“(Peg is) meant to help policy-makers and the public look at hard data instead of anecdotal evidence.”
—Winnipeg Free Press, “Hard numbers present city – warts and all.”

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