“It’s not every day you get thanked by someone in song!”

An Amazing Race made for an amazing day for more dozens of Winnipeg kids, thanks to a Day of Caring with the employees of PwC.

PwC Day of Caring

Youth and PwC staff after a race well run

Youth from agency partners the Boys & Girls Club and CSI – Community Schools Investigators, a program designed to help kids in inner-city schools strengthen their math, reading and other education skills over the summer, while having fun – got the chance to head to Kildonan Park for a day full of games and a BBQ. Kids divided up into teams, and raced around the park to different locations staffed by PwC employees, where they had to puzzle their way through activities before racing ahead to the next spot!

The race got employees’ as well as kids’ spirits up. Monday isn’t everyone’s favourite day of the week, but according to Heather Falk of PwC, doing this Day of Caring transformed it into the best day of her week. “It’s nice to feel like you’re doing something to give back and contribute. The company gives us opportunities to volunteer throughout the year, and it as great to be able to take time and be part of it. ”

“The best moment was when they thanked us – they did a full skit. It’s not every day you get thanked by someone in song!”

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