John Coleshaw Sr. ‘Art Giveaway by Donation’: great art for a great city!

Abstract art by John Coleshaw Sr.

Abstract art by John Coleshaw Sr.

John Coleshaw Sr. is a prolific, 80 year-old artist from Regina. His abstract work has been described as a vibrant, colourful expression of “a gentle and generous soul.”

And now some of this lovely work can be yours! All it takes is a donation towards creating opportunities for success in your city.

Mr. Coleshaw’s family – long time donors to United Way of Winnipeg – are hosting an ‘Art Giveaway by Donation’ share-raiser, where you can come select a piece of artwork for the cost of a sealed envelope donation payable to United Way of Winnipeg.

Head on down to Joe Black’s to participate in this creative, generous fundraising effort. Your walls will thank you!*

Monday, April 30th 7 pm at Joe Black Coffee Bar, 2037 Portage Avenue.

*And speaking of thank you: a huge thanks to Mr. Coleshaw & the Coleshaw-Echols family for organizing this fundraiser. May your fundraising creativity be an inspiration!

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