Labour rises and shines for United Way

Campaign Chair for 2012 Doug Finkbeiner serves up flapjacks

The labour community rose early and shone with support for United Way last Wednesday, kicking off their 2012 United Way campaign with a fundraising breakfast at the Union Centre.

Emceed by Winnipeg Labour Council President Dave Sauer, participants heard from retired regional director of CUPE Sandra Oakley, and after signing up to be dunked at last year’s labour kickoff, 2012 Campaign Chair Doug Finkbeiner stepped up again this year to share his thoughts and serve up stacks of pancakes to attendees.

Across Canada, union members donated more than 56% of the total dollars raised by local United Ways in 2011. Here in Winnipeg, the labour movement is a key piece of our history. United  Way of Winnipeg was formed in 1965, through a partnership between the Winnipeg Labour Council and the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

“At the end of the day, union members live in the community and it’s the whole community that benefits from the services that United Way makes possible,’ said United Way Labour Director Charlotte Prokopow.

To show support, every union in the building chipped in a door prize to help raise funds at the event. Thanks to the volunteers for helping out and showing your support!

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