Barb was drinking & using drugs every day to deal with the pain & betrayal of childhood sexual abuse

Today, thanks to intense counselling, she’s happy & hopeful about her future.

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Healing from sexual abuse is possible, and Kristi Venton is making it happen with help from generous donors to United Way.

Kristi, the coordinator and therapist for a sexual abuse treatment program at a United Way agency partner, helps child victims of sexual abuse and non-offending family members bring hope and wellness back to their lives.

Kristi points to ‘Barb’ (not her real name) as an example of returning hope to children.

Barb was 10 when she was sexually abused by her father.

When she came for help soon after she was very angry and depressed. She wasn’t attending school and was self-harming by cutting, using drugs, and drinking on a daily basis.

After working with Kristi for six years Barb is a happy and hopeful person.

Counsellor Kristi.

“Without this program I do not know where I would be right now.”

“I have learned a lot and the program gave me back my hope,” says Barb.

Sexual abuse is a very damaging event in a person’s life, but Kristi says it doesn’t mean life will never be good again.

“Children can go on to thrive, just like Barb did.”

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