Impaired vision made finding a meaningful job hard for Deanna, til employment training helped her overcome barriers.

Today she has a good job, with more eduction in her future.

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I’ve had a lot of financial & emotion stress, searching for employment.

Deanna knows the impact unemployment and financial instability brings to a person’s life.

A visual impairment made her job search difficult. “Periods of unemployment were very hard and very financially and emotionally stressful. My vision has presented many barriers for me finding employment.”

At one point she was unable to afford her apartment and was forced to move.

She felt hopeless.

“It’s a basic human need to want to contribute and have community around us. When it’s taken away we feel depressed and lonely and isolated.”

Help came in the form of employment training. Through United Way-supported programs Deanna was able to gain the job search skills and support she needed and overcome the barriers to employment she faced.

Today she has a good job with an employer she likes working for, and is returning to school.

“With the help I’ve received I’ve been able to find employment and gain my self-worth and gain my self-confidence back. I have a social life and I have structure during the day. And I feel like I’m contributing to society.”

Brandon on a bench at CEDA Pathways.

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