Griffin battled suicidal thoughts, til he found mental health support that saved his life.

Today, he helps other kids win their struggles with mental health.

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I deserve to be alive.

At the age of 12 Griffin started to experience depression. It began what he calls “a long journey of self-doubt and self-harm and really not knowing who I was.”

His symptoms escalated, and by the time he was 13 Griffin had attempted suicide twice.

“I had told myself that I didn’t deserve to be alive anymore.”

At 14 Griffin started down his road to recovery, which included a United Way-supported camp for kids with mood disorders.

Today he is symptom-free 80% of the time, and credits the camp for teaching him strategies and coping mechanisms that made it possible.

He now helps bring mental wellness to other young people at the same United Way-supported camp he relied on years earlier.

Brandon on a bench at CEDA Pathways.

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