Malofo was lost when she suddenly became a widow, til she found human connection at a family resource centre

Today, her family is strong and healthy.

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Just a week after being diagnosed with cancer, Malofo’s husband, father to their two young boys, suddenly died.

“I would just be crying. When my kids would go to school it was difficult for me to even stay alone in the house, knowing that he’s…gone.”

Malofo knew she could turn to the warm, welcoming women at her neighbourhood’s family centre.

Many supports and services can be found there, but human connection was the one she needed most.

Malofo and her boys, Hassan & Ahmed.

“I would just be crying. It was so hard.”

Malofo went to her family centre almost daily during that tough time. Someone would always ask how she was, and then really listen.

“I would share with them the emotions I was going through and they would support me.”

Malofo, who escaped to Canada as a refugee in 2008, has also used many of the centre’s resources and teaching opportunities including the peer support group, computer and sewing skills, multicultural cooking and physical activity classes.

She has now gained the confidence to further her education by taking fashion and garment design courses. For Malofo, it’s a way to pursue something she loves while providing for her growing family.

“I’m doing so much better emotionally, now I want to better myself through education.”

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