Sydney was terrified to interact with people, til she found mental health support to deal with her anxiety

Today, she helps kids just like her learn the skills they need to cope—and thrive.

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In high school Sydney began to suffer from social anxiety and depression. She had difficulty talking to people, and was getting poor grades.

She spent most of her time after school sleeping, felt deeply isolated, and drank alcohol to cope with her feelings.

Then Sydney found a United Way Winnipeg donor-supported summer camp for teens with mood disorders. Using music and talk therapy, she met other kids her age experiencing similar challenges. That let her know she wasn’t alone.

Sydney gained coping skills and strength to deal with her mental health challenges.

“It gave me insight into, you know, things aren’t as bad as they seem, and not all people are scary and awful.”

Summer camps where teens can meet others with mood disorders to help them gain coping skills.

“I have all sorts of tools to help me now.”

New doors opened in Sydney’s life as she gained insight and power over her anxieties.

“I can make new friends, I can have fun…if I were to sign up for something it wouldn’t be constant terror.”

Today Sydney, 18, volunteers with the same program that helped her, and would like a career where she can work with children that need mental health supports.

“I’m doing a lot better. I have all these tools to help me now, so it’s just much easier to get by.”

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Today Sydney has the tools she needs to cope with her mood disorder in healthy ways.
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